just another EEG thursday

*sigh* Yes...tomorrow brings the chance of snow & another trip to Hasbro for yet another EEG. EEGs have never been a favorite - even if the pics do turn out cute. But for some reason...tomorrow feels really heavy.

Maybe it's the shock wearing off?

Maybe it's lack of sleep - your's & our's?

Maybe it's because daddy - Mr. Drama Free himself - is worried about some "jerkies" you've been having recently?

Maybe it's because I've been missing Tanzania lately?

Maybe it's that our life feels so unbalanced - unsettled - crazy?

Maybe it's just silly ol' hormones?

Maybe it's because some of your little friends have been in & out of the hospital - with serious stuff?

Maybe it's just the sum of everything?

*sigh* I just feel really heavy. And sad. So so sad. I just hope Dr. H calls us with the news as soon as she reads the squiggles.

And...I'm going to attempt to not try and cipher the squiggles myself. Although I will have Advil (extra strength of course) just in case...


JaCk said...

Greetings from Italy ;D

JSmith5780 said...

Wishing you luck today!! Fingers and toes crossed that he has a normal reading.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Thanks Jen!