Okay...so today is my birthday (32 - for the nosey ones)...and Jonathan (thanks hon!) is letting me have play time on the computer for an early morning gift! Later tonight...we'll brave the elements (snowy-slushy-wintry mess) and go out for dinner & a movie! (thanks Grams!)

But in the meantime...here's my 1st video posted to youtube...made available on my blog...we'll see if it works! :O)

My monkey-man having fun & makin' mommy happy at Music Class!

And another happy one! Right before Trev was dx with Infantile Spasms...we were able to go to Disney World. That is one decision we will NEVER regret...it gives us such happy memories! Although Bri-bee is now obsessed with all things Magic Kingdom...and even sleeps in her Cinderella gown dreaming of living in her castle! This clip of her meeting Mickey is just priceless...to us of course!

**editors note** In fact, mere minutes after publishing this post...a WDW commercial came on...those people know how to market! And I ask...how can I resist a Cinderella gown clad - dimple faced - jumping up & down - sparkly dream eyed - girl saying "May we do that...Mommy? May we do that?". *sigh* I wish...

Sheesh - this is addictive! Plus I felt guilty once I realized that I had posted a clip of Trev & Bri & not Toby! Bad mommy! So here's one of the Tobster...doing what he loves best...baseball! Well anything that involves a sport really...but we just so happened to have this one of - baseball!


labonte4 said...

Well, Well, Well,....guess I'm not the only 32 year old around *LOL* I liked 30 better....each number seems closer to the big 4...0...! Hope the dinner was nice, you guys deserve it!

baby trevor's mommy said...

I agree & my hubby keeps teasing me cause I'm a tab older than him

to which I remind him that Oprah says 40 is the new 25 sooooo

We had a really nice time! Ate at the Rhumbeline...for the 1st time since our honeymoon. I forgot how quaint it is...and the food was fab! Expensive...but fab!

JSmith5780 said...

Umm, yeah, another 32 yr older chiming in. I, too, liked 30 better! :)

I miss Disney, can't wait to take all 3. Um yeah, maybe I can. Taking one was SO much easier!