pucker up

If I didn't know better... But there's no way. Impossible.
But it really seemed like you did.
Yeah...I'm pretty sure...
I remember we were walking towards the kitchen. I was holding you...in your birthday suit & a towel. It was bath time people!
When suddenly it happened. But it couldn't have! Could it?
I don't know...but it sure seemed like you leaned in...
mouth open wide...drool streaming...and slapped one on me!
a BIG FAT Valentine's kiss!
Seriously...why is a slobbery baby french kiss SO darn cute!


Megan said...

Aw! It makes me smile to think about Toby growing up so fast, Bristel learning ballet in that cute little pink tutu, and Trevor giving a kiss! Reading your blog this morning just set my mood for the rest of that day, that's for sure. I love you guys and yes indeed, Nathan does receive the name N-dog for his lack of communication. lol. (*shoot, a little motivation never hurt*) :)

Jonathan said...

lol...I was wondering when you'd read my comment!

I know *sigh* my kids are getting SO big already. Mommy-hood is so much fun though!

xoxo...study hard!


Jonathan - trev's daddy said...

Don't get me wrong, I love me my Trevor kisses, but I think I'd have to wipe that drool from the picture off first! Can you really love your kids without kissing their drool-ridden faces? I hope so!


baby trevor's mommy said...

love isn't love unless it's drenched in drool!