I feel a big weight lifted.

I've noticed for a long time now the way your little legs get all tangled together. Took you forever to crawl. To the point that I was really worried. And then one day...you just did. After that it was look out world!

The pulling up followed shortly...with clumsy cruising nipping on it's heels.

But walking? Well...there's that pesky leg tangle again. And you do this really funny sideways thing with your footsies too.

I was browsing the various Stride Rite options this week. But honestly, even my untrained eye noticed that it could be more of a problem than even fifty dollar high top shoes could fix.

So at our monthly EI appointment this week I mentioned it to our OT. Now...this is the same OT that had to be convinced you really do qualify for EI services. She even had to re-write her original eval which had you denied assistance! Soooooo...needless to say my mental place wasn't great. I have just enough spicy Italian blood pumping through these veins to hold a grudge. Plus, I just knew she was going to think I was one of those moms...

Those moms are freaks. Obsessive compulsive. Keep beating the same drum over and over and over and...

I have a tendency towards obsessive. Okay, I admit it.

But isn't it acceptable when it's your kid we're talking about? Besides...everybody knows I have activistic tendencies so isn't it expected!?

Anyway...I had a plan. Have you in just a onsie...for maximum leg viewage. Have her watch you attempt to cruise the length of the sofa so she could watch as you tumble to the ground in a tangle of legs & weird feet. If that didn't work we'd do the free-stand with the "come to Mama" call...which always tests my catching reflexes and you tripping on your toes. And if she still wasn't convinced...pull out the big guns. MY neuro even says so...so there!

But as it turns out she whole-heartedly agreed. You do have weird feet. And you definitely have leg issues.


I'm waiting on the Stride Rites until we have our first PT evaluation. Sometime in April...the date is yet to be determined.

But just knowing that I'm not crazy. I'm not one of the those moms - in this instance. Well...I really do feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

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