shagala bagala

I LOVE Swahili...and that is my all time fave phrase. Loosely translated it means "craziness or chaos"! And that sums up my life today...

First of all...if we had taken two steps forward in the sleep depot - last night was like two months back! And it showed - grumpy grumpy grumpy - all day long! And I think you & your sister were collaborating! Including at music class!

Didn't help that it was gloomy either. I am SO over gloomy! Seriously...Spring where are you!?!?!?!

Then Bristel and her mystery rash! Dr. Pedi was loathe to rule out chicken pox...but now on day 5 and no crusty scabs (but still new spots popping up) we're convinced we've esacaped that calamity. Still no clue what exactly the rash is though. Grams who was appalled at the thought that it could be flea bites...has now taken up the task of fumigating the kid's room! And the Cinderella gown that your sister lives in...

Toby has a rash too. My word...I thought I left that stuff on the other side of the world! Fifth disease anyone?! **btw Jen...seriously could it have crossed internet waves!?** Good thing Toby looks cute with rosy cheeks!

I spent a good part of the day burning up the phone lines.

Scheduling this...re-scheduling that.

And even though it was really sweet (in a weird my kid has IS kinda way) it just shouldn't be that the whole EEG team hears that I'm on the phone & wants to know how little Trevy Foltz is doing! Specifics even! **again btw Jen...Dr. Neuro agreed with you & we'll be giving him a B-6 injection prior to his next one**

Somewhere between physicals & dentals it was discovered that a very important envelope had never managed to make it into the unsealed position.

My license renewal!

So much for Super Mom...

Ugh! Sooooooo...it took a good coupla hours & a few late fee buckaroos for me to re-legalize. And a couple more to run errands.

Made it home in the nick of time - dinners boiling - you're grumping - Bristel's watching - and the big boys (Daddy & Toby) are Wii"ing" with Grams!

All that and a blog post too!

Hmmmmm...perhaps I CAN qualify for Super Mom?!

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JSmith5780 said...

I also sfeel like I am going in a million directions. I just can't catch my breath some days.

hmm, not chicken pox, but still a rash... I suppose Fifth's disease could cross internet wires :) But really I find if my kids have something my friends' kids in another state have it around them also. It's weird really when you think about it.

I am glad to hear they are doing the B6 injection. I know this was never even presented as an option for us. I heard about it on the group AFTER we had done a month long trial on the pills. To know we could have saved time would have been NICE!

You know you are in a good place (medical facility) when all people ask about your child. It shows that he's not just a patient!