welcome to *tude-ville*...

It had been a really long day. Hospital days always are. And by the time we were buckling up & heading home...I was seriously in no mood.

Trev'd had a catheter test. We'd met with various specialists including a Geneticist (which some of you know is emotionally & mentally taxing). Spoken with several nasty *tuded* receptionists & nurses . And killed a couple hours touring Providence in between appointments.

By the end of the day it was all we could do to stumble to the car. Tired. Weary. Cranky.

So when the parking garage attendant told us we had to pay the $4.00 fee because didn't have the blue form - I was fuming. Even after Jonathan was able to wriggle & writhe Trev's hospital band (because something with the date was imperative, she said) off his little ankle...she still refused to let us pass. Figuratively or literally.

Between the two of us, Jonathan is MUCH less likely to pick a fight. But even he'd had it.

And so we sat there. Yelling. Threatening. Writing down info - although she refused to give us her name. Cars lined up behind us. One actually honked.

We finally drove away red faced & angry as hornets. Jonathan immediately called the number she'd given us & left them the what for on the message. We haven't heard back. Figures.

I'm simply ranting here. I have no answers. I'm just extremely frustrated - with the entire medical system! Including (but not limited to) people with zero customer service skills and complete job security!

In an attempt to be an agent of change I promised myself that from now on I will use my voice. I'll write out complaints for the *tude"ies"*. And I'll be just as generous with the compliments!

Since that day last week I've used my voice to let Dr. Pedi's receptionist know that her condescending *tude* was un-necessary and a simple yes or no would have suited me just fine.

PLUS - I've personally thanked several medical personnel for their service in excellence. For treating me like a person & not the village idiot. For having an ounce of kindness...and compassion.

Like at today's appointment. The receptionist was charming & friendly & more than happy to work with my cluttered schedule. It was wonderful. Not to mention confirming. I am not overly hard to please. I am NOT the problem.

And it felt really nice emailing a compliment to her boss...and having her boss email back in appreciation!

And who knows...maybe the tide will change in *tude-ville* one email at a time after all?


labonte4 said...


We..too..feel the same way. In fact, the ER doc we nominated for a "Bright Lite" last year actually won. He was the Dr.who put Ava in a coma right before her first birthday, and is an exception Dr. and human being. He's treated us many times in the trauma, and every time we're in the ER he hooks us up.

Funny enough we were in the hospital during the ceremony (our nightmare stay) and Matt was able to present him the award and hold back the tears while listening to them read my letter out loud to a full house of Dr.'s and staff.

One of the nurses even commented while we were in house....."I better be nice to you guys so you'll write a letter like that about me".

We've also been just as "generous" with our feelings of unappreciation. I actually ban one PICU nurse from ever caring for Ava....Matt was mortified, but hey....after all...I am the queen of Bold. *LOL*


baby trevor's mommy said...

you made me laugh...and cry...with that one!

btw...I've never heard of Brite Lite...but would love more info! I'll google...but if you have a link?


~Mama Skates~ (aka Sharon) said...

i love this post - i too have recently realized that i can't complain about squat unless i am...#1-going to speak up and voice my complaint to the appropriate person & #2-going to offer an alternate solution...i work on a technical support desk, so i deal with *tude*ish people every day...i know that a little bit of kindness can take u a looooong way! so i also never hesitate to let someone know they're doing a great job, or pass the word along to their superiors :0) pay it forward, right?

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm a total fan of pay it forward! :O) And I've got a mean Italian evil eye for those who don't deserve it!


Ian Marrey said...

I so tudeing know how you feel and whatever tude means I want to shout it a few people too.

It is sooooooooo easy to do something so small it takes no effort but the effect it has can be unmeasurable. Likewise people can work so hard to be difficult you wonder why.