you were warned...

Okay...so first off this post may fall into the TTMI (totally too much info) category.

Secondly...no parent should EVER have to go through that.

You can't even imagine how horrific it is.

Holding your little-naked-not-even-one-yet baby on a sterilized pad while a teach*ee* (the down side of teach*ing* hospitals) inserts a catheter. There's screaming. And tears. And those awful betrayed looks - because you're holding his arms so he can still see you.

Trust me. No parent should ever have to go through this. It's very emotionally exhausting.

That was our day. Yesterday. For the 3rd time actually...and that's just with Trevor. VUR is hereditary and Bristel had the same procedure because she has the same condition. Her experience was way too horrible to even blog.

BUT back to Trev...

The awful test yielded good news. A much needed upswing in our news getting. The surgery worked! Dr. Urologist successfully re-attached Trevy's little pee-pee pipes! So no more nasty tests!

And for the first time since he was two weeks old....tomorrow...on his 1st birthday...


No prophylaxes. No AEDS.

Notta. Nothing. Zilch.

And I can't believe how TWTF (totally wonderful that feels)!

And for those of you who felt uncomfortable with all the deets. You were warned that it may be TTMI!


JSmith5780 said...

When you have a medically involved child, not much falls under TTMI. But I will add on and say PLEASE don't let an unqualified person do the cath!!! And here is my reason why. Back in the summer of 99, a few months after we were married (still in that awkward stage), my husband admitted he'd been having problems peeing for a few days. It finally got to the point that I took him to the ER in the middle of the night (if I had know earlier we would have gone to a urologist!). An unqualified person tried to do the cath and ended up shredding his ureter. I could hear him screaming from down the hall and they wouldn't let me into the room. It was HORRIBLE aqnd he's a grown man! He ended up with a foley cath for weeks until he was "healed" enough they could surgically repair his ureter...so I will say again, NEVER let an untrained person do a cath. I am all for teaching hospitals provided they stand by their law "first do no harm". In hindsight, we should have sued the hospital for the sole purpose of making them change their procedures.

OKAY, off my soap box. Glad Trev is well AND he's going to be 1 tomorrow!! Happy Birthday HT from your friends in NY!!

Shanna Grimes said...

Such wonderful news!!! I know messing with the tackle box or the fishing pole can be tricky. I didn't want to get my first son cut because, I figured it must be there for a reason (which I now regret because it's more up keep). TTMI :)

Sorry, I know it's been a few days and it has been quiet on g5. Things have just been busy over the last few days, but I have been keeping up with reading everyone else's blogs. Gotta love NetNewsWire (RSS reader) on the iPhone.

I have been thinking of you guys. Can't believe it's HT's b-day already. My how the time does pass! Happy B-Day Trev!! Have a great day little man. The big one is one you will never remember and your mom and dad will never forget!

Did you happen to see Larry King tonight? John and Robin Kirton from Autism Bites were on.

Take care,

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen - seriously...I have no words! But I promise after that story I'll insist on having someone who KNOWS what they're doing from now on!

Shanna - I'm happy to hear that it was just busy*ness*. I think it's always there...when you don't hear from someone you start praying that everything is okay. :O)

I missed Kirtons. :o( I love their blog...probably because I'm activistic too.

Anyway...I'm zonked from the zoo!


~Mama Skates~ (aka Sharon) said...

hey there, been reading up on ur blog and all i can say is WOW - u r sooo strong! i admire u fun spirit and the way u tackle life & it's many challenges! i'm glad u fell on to my blog via autism bites - i didn't catch dad on larry king (i don't have cable), but i asked someone to tape it for me...hope to see it soon. oh, and i see u got the tag on ur blog - love it! ;0) take care ~sharon