just a random collection...

of things said by my children this week.

If you're bored & wanna play guess who said it...I'll come back later & paint the fonts in appropriate colors. Blue for Toby. Purple for Bristel.

And possibly add the scenerio too! We'll see how bored I am later! *grin*


I'm berry berry sick! (Hand Foot & Mouth thing)

You've got a cute little butt, buddy! (during bath time with Trevy)

Ewwwww...you spitted on me! (during church Bristel sprayed her I love you all over her brother!)

Well....temporarily she isn't acting very sick! (Bristel is a cranky sickie)

Uuuuugh! All this singing is making me crazy!

I'm gonna tell my mama! (said by both...too many times to count)

Mommy wait...you're not beautiful yet... (while brushing & clipping my hair)

Right...Danielle? (she's obsessed with using my name now)

Mommy, I love you & God more than the Sony! (now that he can read it's no longer the Play Station...it's the Sony)

I'm very tempted to be a preacher when I grow up. (shortly after he re-canted & is back to wanting to be a baseball star)

Awww...but I wanted to eat it like a monkey! (monkey mommies don't peel bananas for their monkey babies!)

Mommy, where's the buzz? (aka fly...which daddy let in the house)

Mommy, can we go to a Carnival? (after some questioning...we figured out she had just seen a well marketed Carnival Cruise commercial!)


~Mama Skates~ said...

gotta love em!

baby trevor's mommy said...

they say the darndest!


Anonymous said...

okay I have to admit I just now sat down and read each quote line by line and not skimming. I do have the cutest grandkids don't I? Must be in the genes.

baby trevor's mommy said...

They certainly keep us entertained!