my morning went something like this...

After two cups of coffee & my work out I got down to business...

playing phone tag!

First call

Me: Yes...I'd just like to clarify we have fully moved onto your network? (our primary insurace through our mission agency lapsed)

Her: Ummmmm...I don't see this in your account.

Me: (not shocked...it's par for course right?) Well...I called last week & spoke with the patient advocate. She advised me she'd take care of everything & assign us a case manager. Maybe it'd be easier to forward me to her?

Her: Ummmmm...you currently are not assigned a case manager.

Me: (still feeling calm...and proud that I am) Okay...well let me call the patient advocate then.


Second call

Her: How may I direct your call?

Me: Patient advocate please.

Her: (forwarded call w/o so much as a *sure...glad to help*)

Me: Left message

Third call

Me: (dial Geneticist to reapply for insurance approval so that we can finally get started on that!) Yes, this is regarding Trevor Foltz. I was just hoping you could resubmitt the paper work for insurance approval?

Her: Let me pull up the file. Okay I have all the paper work ready to go.

Me: (inwardly cheering cause that was SO easy!) Great thanks!

Fourth call

(dialing Trevor's ENT because he's scheduled for tubes on Weds and I want to make sure all the insurance bases are covered)

(answering machine)

Me: (so figures) left message

Fifth call

(dialing voice mail cause evidently a call got missed in phone tag central)

Her: This is EI...do you have May 13th open for a PT appointment?

(amazed that I have that week almost totally open!)

Sixth call

Me: EI case manager please

(pulling my shirt and begging to get dressed)

Me: (annoyed) Shhhhhhhhh...mommy's on the phone

Bristel: (skulked sniffling to the stairs)

Me: left a voice mail confirming the date


(find my duaghter sitting on the stairs wearing a very cute poochy face)

Bristel: Mommy...you hurt my feelings!

Me: I'm sorry sweetie. I was on the phone...come here.

Snuggles make everything better!

Now...I'm off to brush my teeth. Paint my face. And pile the kids & Grams in the car to run errands.

All that AND a blog post!

Not bad before noon!

You know you're impressed!


~Mama Skates~ said...

u're so funny! and yes, very impressed! ;0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

lol thanks Sharon!

You're totally my new BFF...cause you think I'm funny! *wink*