stutter bug

Childish I know...but we tick the days off until our Speech Therapist makes her appearance.

She's just so coooool!

Fun & energetic & most importantly loaded to the gills with toys! Trevor's face lights up like a Christmas tree when she arrives!

And this weeks session was a real treat. Trevor was very interactive & social & engaged.

And when it came time to shake that maraca...there was just no stopping him! It's really cute...albeit bordering on violent. Ms. Speech says "he's such a boy!"

Trevor excels at the non-verbal communication. He has very expressive eyes. And will wave his arms in a crazy you'd better duck kinda way. That's his happy que! It's the verbal that's just not advancing.

So Ms. Speech gave us some more signs to work on & activities to promote mimicking sounds. And we'll see if we've made some progress at our next meeting.

But since we had her captive anyway I thought I'd pick her brain a bit more. You know...free advice! *grin*

Bristel has struggled with stuttering off & on for the past year. More on than off actually. To the point that I brought it up with Dr. Pedi who assured me she would grow out of it. Gave me some quick pointers. And scheduled us for a well visit next year. At the time I figured it really wasn't that big of a deal.

Then everything exploded with Trevor & I didn't have time to think about the stutter bug.

But it's back. With a vengeance. Recently Bristel'll be tripping on her tongue so badly that she'll actually forget the word she's trying to spit out. She's even broken down in tears of frustration. And has been excessively clingy too.

It's bad enough that it's actually registered on my (and Grams') worry meter again. I figured this is her (Ms. Speech's) stuff...she'd know if I'm (we're) being overly protective or not.

After a short Q & A she recommended Bristel been seen by a specialist. It sounds to her like a true case of the stutter bug. But given her age it's probable that she'll out-grow it with intervention. *sigh* And I guess if speech therapy doesn't help...she'll always have that face! Those eyes! That dimple!

Anyway...I promised a very concerned Grams that I'll call first thing tomorrow. I don't know why I put it off today? I guess sometimes it's just easier to deal with things tomorrow?

But I promise...tomorrow...


JSmith5780 said...

All of my boys go through periods of stuttering, but if it's sticking around, best to have it looked in to!

She'll get through this!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Actually...I've been wondering if she's feeling *stress* & that's affecting her speech? She's a pretty sensitive girl. Buuuut...it's been over a year now with just a short span of like a month when it stopped.
I went ahead and called today. Still waiting for a call-back though. :o)

Anyway...we all think the stutter just makes her cuter! *grin*


~Mama Skates~ said...

LOVE trevy's happy face! glad he responds so well to ms. speech....i ♥ speech therapists! ours have been the BEST people! (we've dealt with 3 in the last 5 years) good that u're looking in to it - and today even? i'm such a "i'll do it tomorrow" kinda gal too! like i need today to think/dwell/worry about it first ;0)

that pic of bristel - OMG! straight up knock out!!! watch out boy, er i mean daddy! ~lol~

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm glad I went ahead today. Hopefully we can get the eval done before school's out...and go from there.

Major procrastinator defines me...especially when it's something that *feels* overwhelming. :O)

I totally agree about that pic of Bri! She's just beautiful!