Dream Night at the Zoo

The invitation was really for Trevor...but the rest of us were allowed to tag along for Dream Night at the Zoo. Anually, the first Friday in June finds Roger Williams Zoo hosting this special event just for children like Trevor - who are living with unexpected challenges.

The smiles started right from the gate where staff met us with a stuffed monkey for each of the kids.

It feels like a small small world when you bump into two of your child's special doctors in one night! Including our geneticist who had the look like she had just been thinking about us glimmering in her eyes. Could the results be in that quickly?

But mum was the word...because after all the night was about having fun!

The food was deeeelish!

And there were educational zones set up for the kids to learn about all kinds of neat stuff...and even get tattooed! Jonathan & I got quite the chuckle from the *African* exhibit where there was serious embelishment going on. But we used our Swahili to *heckle* and didn't spoil the fun for everyone else! *wink*

If you made us cry uncle & pick a fave - the rainforest would totally win! It was just so interactive & fun! And the sloth (pictured below) lives freely within the greenhouse...and was literally crossing over within touching distance. Although we were all too chicken to try!

We had so much fun that we were all tempted to stay longer. But alas...we had very tired kiddos to get home & jammied up.

Bravo Hasbro & Roger Williams! It was a stellar night!

And the kiddos are already looking forward to next year!


JSmith5780 said...

very cool!

Shanna Grimes said...

So weird that we both went to the zoo this weekend!! Glad you guys had fun. That is so neat that they do that for SN kids!

~Mama Skates~ said...

too stinking cool! i'm jealous! ;0)