happy feet

We retired Trevor's 1st pair of shoes. And while a clutter bug I am not...the temptation to bronze those little Stride-Rites has been nagging at me.

Those once white now dingy super wide size fives.


They're worth far more than the craigslist price. Stinkin' cheapskates! ::kidding::

The new ones are cute too though. Actually they're exactly the same.

Except still nice & bright white. Plus a whole size bigger. He's wearing a size 6 1/2 extra wide! Chubby feet run in our family. Adorable on the little ones. Excruciating on mommy who is ever searching for shoes to make her feet look cute.

At last month's therapy session, PT recommended *cookies* to put inside his shoes. His little feet still curl inward quite badly. And recently he's been stumbling. A lot. Which would be cute but for all the crying & ouchies & even random nose bleeds!

I gave it the month...but the pricey inserts didn't really seem to be helping. Actually...after a complete stranger commented on his tumbling act I knew decidedly that it wasn't my imagination.

So...the other day...I brought it up again. Our PT is great. Patient. Kind. Seasoned. Sharp eyes. She's spotted things that even crazy mama here missed! ::grin:: Trevor was feeling very compliant & she used the opportunity to do quite an extensive exam. Pretzel legs and extensions ensued. Making games out of measuring methods. Trevor never knew a difference.

"You're right. He has something weird going on."

I've only been saying that, like, forever! His right leg doesn't just move zombie*ish*...like it takes a lot of effort to get it around. It's also shaped bizarre. Like a side-ways rainbow. I'm no expert...but it just doesn't look right.

The good news is...she thinks it's structural & not neurological. Although we need a specialist & an x-ray to see exactly what is going on. Who knew an x-ray can reveal whether it's bone or muscle issues? She also believes it is completely fixable.

The not-so-good news is...this is not the kinda thing you grow out of on your own. Soooooo...it'll probably require bracing of some kind. Ugh!

We have an appointment with Dr. Ortho in July. So I guess we'll see...


Talk to the Bronze Shoe Guy said...

Yield to the temptation. Have them bronzed. They'll look great!



baby trevor's mommy said...

Kudos for making me laugh!

But I think I deserve a discount for the free advertising!