a little something...

We walked into the Dirksen Senate building heading towards room 106 where the hearing would be taking place.

I have a thing with early. I like to arrive early. It's a Jonathan-ism that's rubbed off. So we were there a good 1/2 an hour before the hearing would begin.

We were shocked to see a row of people lined against the wall. Waiting for the doors to open. And when I say waiting...I really mean camping. Complete with those little fold up chairs which are great for soccer matches. And JEC hearings evidently.

As you can imagine...we are all zonked today. Ready to go home. Ready to rest. Will I ever again get enough rest?

But the author of Brass & Ivory...who I had the privilege of meeting (plus mom!) at yesterday's hearing...has done a beautiful job summarizing! Beautiful Lisa!

It's worth the read...plus, I thought that'd give you guys a little something...




The pleasure was all mine Danielle. Thank you.

Yeah, those chairs seemed a bit much. But then again I did find a chair to sit upon. It just happened to be at a table.

Safe travels and peaceful rest.

Shanna Grimes said...

Awesome. I checked out brass and ivory. Hope you have a nice trip back home.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Lisa...they were a bit much! lol But I'm glad you found a spot to rest...and an informitive one at that! btw...thank you does not say enough for the hard work you put into your Questcor Thesis! I made sure it was given to all those that I have connections with...now we can only hope it is put to good use!

Shanna...Lisa is a very gifted writer...and I love that she shared from her perspective. Plus, her investigative skills are just amazing!

btw all...the trip home was ever MORE eventful than the trip down. I think our train broke down at least 5 times...once on a bridge (you know with nothin' but water underneath) in the middle of NYC. The view sure was pretty...even if the attitude of the Amtrak employees wasn't! :)


JSmith5780 said...

So your weekend was as good as mine :)

I have talked with Lisa at Brass and Ivory before and frequently refer to her ACTH blogposts.

She's great!

Adesta said...

Danielle....stop taking trains!!! hehehe...to have a bad trip down is one thing, but to have a bad trip back too???

baby trevor's mommy said...


You are SO not kidding! J called tho...and they're sending us some sort of gift cert to make up for the hassle. It would have to include an all expense paid trip to Disney (for 5 & a sitter) to accomplish that! It was nutso! And I'm still recooping!


Adesta said...

see if you can use the tickets for a scenic tour somewhere....I remember doing that as a kid and I loved it