Toby's Top Ten

The Smithsonians

(Yeah...that was impressive!)

Eating out for lunches

(What can I say...we're broke!)

Making new friends on the train

(Not hard to do when you're stuck on it for NINE stinkin' hours!)

Banging the gavel with Senator Klobuchar

(Has a pro-baseball player ever been elected into office? He may be the first!)

Taking pictures

(Yes...now mommy must print them & help assemble a scrapbook for the local library...)

The tree crashing through the engine

(Such a seven year old boy!)

Touring the Capitol

(It was SO cool riding the secret train from the Senate side to the House side!)

Staying in a hotel

(Only cause it had a pool)

Riding on a train for the first time

(Yes...well...NEVER AGAIN!)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally

Going to the O's game

(J & Tobes caught a train with Uncle Nate to the game. Trevy & I stayed back and had a dinner date! It was a sweet ending to an amazing journey!)

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