well that's just *chucky*


I know I should be celebrating every new thing he does.

And at first I was pleased with this particular skill. But seriously?

The whole chucking of random things across the room...it's just getting out of hand.

It started out so innocent too. Spewing his binky out every time he saw his bottle! We all *awwww how cute*-ed his ACTH driven food obsession.

Then he moved on to tossing his bottle when his tummy was all filled up. It became quite the mommy & daddy workout trying to save the carpet from potential souring milk-age.

Oh and the toys. There is a constant flurry of toys being flung around our house at any given moment. This one I'm convinced was a learned from big brother skill! And possibly the visiting Uncles...since I was forced to Referee and shut down the block toss this morning! When is your train leaving again, Uncles?

And the newest fascination?

Chucking cans. Tomato sauce. Tuna fish. Green beans. Even the occasional asparagus (which we still have because the packaging looks WAY better than the actual content). Basically any kinda preserved in aluminum food I happen to have stocked on hand is fair game.

Obviously I need to purchase a new cabinet for the kitchen....so I can move all the cans from the living room closet which is way too Trevy accessible!

Because, seriously people, it's all fun & games...

until someone drops a can of asparagus on your toe!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I can relate. Sophie likes to throw things that fit in between the spindles on the banister on the second floor down to the first floor. Cute as first. Just a tiny plastic ball. But then much heavier objects started coming down. So we had to put everything away that was heavy and small enough to fit between the spindles. Just today, she almost hit Brandon and Elsa with a drumstick. Just chilling on the couch when crazy things just start flying by your head. Well, at least she thinks it is funny and somehow, with that precious smile, it is.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I just thought of this...Does he actually chuck them quite a distance? That is quite an arm. Do I see major league baseball in his future? I know Sophie is a girl :) but she can only throw a ball about 5 feet. I think she would actually drop the can of vegetables on her own foot.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I have a mental pic of Sophie grinning ear to ear holding a drumstick *the chicken kind* over their heads! And I have to say...it makes me giggle too!

Actually...he does have an arm! You might have one of these for Elsa...I think it's FisherPrice...it's a heavy ball that rolls & sings by itself? It's super heavy! Trevor can toss that puppy 5 ft! We think he'll be into sports of somekind. Daddy already has his sport nick picked out. His legs bow like a wishbone...so he'll be Wishbone Foltz! lol

btw...I'm going to email you too...but do you have any suggestions on how to keep the water out of Trev's tubes during bath/swimming time?


Adesta said...

lol...we went through this with my oldest daughter when she was younger. All our canned goods were in the cabinet of our microwave cart...we finally had to put a child safety lock on the doors after she clocked herself with a can of spaghetti sauce. My youngest doesn't throw things except for balls though. And yes, she has quite an arm.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I had them in the microwave cart at first! *haha* I did get them moved into the kitchen today...so I'm feeling quite successful! So far no real can injuries...I'm hoping we've averted any!

Bristel has quite the arm too!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Yeah - we have one of those rolling ball thing...that thing is HEAVY! How does he chuck it 5 feet?!?!

Our ENT said not to worry about getting water in the ears during bath time or swimming in a swimming pool...only swimming in a lake, ocean, etc. But we still put plugs in her ears for about the first month for baths and then I got lazy. We used the plugs that are a step down from custom plugs. We got them from the ENT and they were about $10. We also tried the wax stuff that you rolled up into a ball but it would never stay in her ear. Good luck.

Shanna Grimes said...

I can also relate. Lately, Kaylee chucks anything she can get her hands on, but she especially likes to get into my tampons on the bathroom shelf and throw them around. Guess she's all woman!

We have one of those big (wasted space) master bath's with carpet (I know, yuk!), so we can actually let her crawl around in the main area (toilet is in a separate little room). She loves to pull them out, krinkle the paper and throw them. Daddy tells her not to be in a rush to play with those ;)

~Mama Skates~ said...

haha, too cute - and dangerous! jaden had quite the arm on him when he was little too....thank goodness for quick mama reflexes! ;0)