am I THAT mean?

Okay...so if you're a rookie 'rent you may be mortified at the following post...consider yourself for-warned. If you're not...and your children on occasion make you second guess your decision to try for another...well...you may enjoy that feeling of knowing you're not alone!


All three of my kiddos have ::ahem:: struggled with poopy problems.

Trevy lives on lactulose. Almost from day one. Now that his baby pallet is expanding it's not AS bad. But we still need a shot or two a week.

Let's just say Bristel is the amazing *terd girl*!

Toby's always had *shy bowel syndrome* (this is a totally made up name for a mommy diagnosed issue). He was always constipated because he would hold it until I thought he was going to pop. Or need suppository intervention! Yuck! Tanzania cured that. And even though he's an old pro at taking care of business on his own...he will still have the occasional skiddie. To which my response is pretty predictable. I hate skiddies!

So yesterday...he's sporting this obvious guilty look. I mean, what does he think? I'm a newbie mommy? Heck no! So of course I ask him why he's soooo guilty looking.

"No reason" s the reply.

I'm not buying it.

So I enlist daddy's help. Which was a smart move...since daddy's arms are long enough to pull the evidence from behind the shelving unit in our utility room.

Skiddie undies!

Toby didn't want mommy to know...so he tried to hide them!!!!!!!

Am I really that mean?!?!?!?!

I guess so...since later that day I found a half eaten piece of ham shoved into the couch crevice! Evidently he didn't want mommy to know he couldnt' eat the rest!

I don't know whether to laugh...cry...or get therapy!


ps. This post was shared with Toby's permission - he thinks it's cool beans that he made it on mommy's blog!


~Mama Skates~ said...

~lol~ uh oh, i don't want to know what else u find hiding around the house!

JSmith5780 said...

I still do wipe checks... they just aren't that consistent yet.

And I am so mean my kids 'hide' q-tips in the toilet, resulting in clogs, rather than tell me they were cleaning their ears!

Molli Salzman said...

This post is so funny! Jack will be 6 in October and for some reason, he puts his used toilet paper in the wastebasket. WHY?!?! I do not understand it and he constantly needs to be told to put it in the toilet. I am always cleaning out that wastebasket.

Take care,

baby trevor's mommy said...

SEE...don't we all feel better knowing there are other kids out there makin' their mamas crazy! lol


ps. sharon...I'm scared to go hunting!

Shanna Grimes said...

We have lots of issues with #2 around here. Autism and bowels don't exactly see eye to eye. They think it could be linked to the imbalance of good and bad bacteria in kids with Autism. Kaylee is the most regular, Javi only goes once or twice a week (he doesn't sit and go until he already starts in his undies) and Ethan is pretty good, but he does have streaks frequently which we call "sharts". I think you can put that together ;0P I always said we could buy stock in underoos. Sometimes there is just no salvaging those things. We almost always have a pair soaking in my stain remover concotion in one of the sinks at all times.

We have the kids on fiber gummies from the healthfood store. We also have Javi on a probiotic. We used to use miralax, but I have since become a chemical weirdo, so I think daily use of a laxitive has got to cause some kind of long term damage.

So we are feeling ya on the poop problems :) I'm just glad that Javi doesn't smear it on the walls anymore. He used to when he was Ethan's age. He still isn't potty trained at night. Don't know if/when he ever will be :(

Ian Marrey said...

:-) Sweeeet

baby trevor's mommy said...

Shanna...girl & I thought my kids were *stinkers*! haha... Any kind of script med has altered Bristel's personality. It's not listed as as side affect...but literally within hours of taking it she'd morph into a demon child! But fiber gummies might work? What a great idea!

Ian...sheesh...you're such a guy!