got courage?

Or at the very least...

a piece of paper...

random colorful paints...

a child with epilepsy...

and a nice private back yard to let them get messy in the nude (or at most the nappy)?


Me too!

and that's why I'll be entering a Trevy Original in the Expressions of Courage Art Contest!

"Now in its sixth year, the Expressions of Courage® national art contest provides
people with epilepsy the opportunity to showcase their talents and their
perspectives of the world around them through art and share their experiences
with others. In addition, the contest helps raise awareness of epilepsy
and eliminate the stigma often associated with the condition – as epilepsy does
not define who people are, it is simply a condition they live with."

Submissions are being accepted until August 29th...

Now go...strip em' to their b-day suit...and happy painting!


Shanna Grimes said...

How cute! I will have to strip Kay and let her paint her self portrait in the buff. Early shades of Frida Kahlo? She turned her disability/challenges in to art.

JSmith5780 said...

I have courage, just no time!

I love looking at all the entries that are submitted.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

That's so cool! Will you post a picture of his artwork on the blog?
I've been in touch with the Epilepsy Association here just recently & haven't heard back just yet. I'm hoping they will have info & events etc for little children like ours.
Love the Expressions of Courage contest! Good luck to your little artiste!

KC's Mama said...

Interesting! I love the concept. KC's fine motor skills are not quite developed enough yet for him to enjoy coloring, or painting, but it would be fun to try! If there is any area that he is delayed right now, this is it. But I suppose that would make it all the more special if he were to try. Thanks for the idea!



Adesta said...

Tell ya what, if I ever get a yard, you can come and take my kids with yours and go out and paint in their birthday suits. I don't have that kind of courage!!! hehehe

baby trevor's mommy said...

Shanna...too bad we're coasts apart! We could make it a duet!

Jen...I'm starting to 2nd guess my idea! Where are my days going?!

Mahhhhhhv-ie...I know I LOVED this idea! Surely you guys have something similar?! If not you should get the ball rolling!

Karen...Trevy struggles with his fine motors too. I've thought about just plopping some paints on the canvas...and letting go crazy?! First...I need to go get some supplies!

Adesta...lol! Nothin' more fun than a bunch of nudies & finger paints!