got gunk?

Cause Trevy' does! Gooshing non-stop from his ears.

Trust me...groady!

Poor baby just can't catch a break with his ears! Dr. Tubes told us that it wouldn't be a cure-all. But I guess I was hoping. And yet this is his 2nd infection since April. Which admittedly is better than his pre-tube insert pattern...but it still breaks our hearts to see him in such agony.

Cause Trevy' does not handle the sickies well at all. And let's us know about it all night long! I'm inclined to insert...he's such a boy! But I'll just think it instead!

I'm SO happy Dr. Pedi was kind enough to just call in the anti-biotics. I know I managed with three youngins' the other day...but I'm kinda in a mood today so my patience is running low!



Shanna Grimes said...

Poor baby! That's horrible. It really stinks to have an ear infection. You are a champ! Kids x3 to the doc!

baby trevor's mommy said...

This one was way worse than the last time too! By the end of the day...the little shoulders of his shirt were goo saturated! Because of course I put him in white...before I knew his ears were draining. Looks like the anti-b's are helping already tho...no drainage so far this morning! Yeah!


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Poor little guy, but he sure looks adorable in that picture! Connor sends him big get better hugs!

~Mama Skates~ said...

poor thing - i hope he's feeling better soon! yay for the super considerate pedi that just called in the anti!

KC's Mama said...

Awe Trev, I'm sorry to hear that you have a yucky ear infection again. How about a break for you little buddy? (And Mommy too!) I'll be praying for just that sweetie.

Love Karen and KC


baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm happy to report better spirits today. And no gunk drippage down the face...it was contained in the ear. Altho leave it to Bristel...every single person she saw she told her baby has yucky ears! lol

Anyway...it looks like we're on the mend!