beach break

The beach has always been a quick cure for the crankies...which we have plenty of these days...

Bristel is such a poser!

but when you're this cute I suppose it's okay to flaunt it?

I am SO lovin' the monkey leash!

The Amazing Seaweed Girl!

she's cute AND edible! Right Trevy?

When all was said and done...

the beach was definately what we needed...

for a cranky break!


~Mama Skates~ said...

how nice - i wish we had a beach near by....i'm lovin' the seaweed girl! glad u guys got out & aired out some of the cranky's!!! ;0)


baby trevor's mommy said...

I adore the beach! And I was pretty proud of seaweed girl! She was cute...and I was impressed I had any left over creative thoughts left in my little head! Must be the friends I keep! *wink*


labonte4 said...

I love the leash!

Do they come in pink??? *LOL*....and would they fit a 3 year old...oh yeah....and it has to be carb free!!!

Shanna Grimes said...

How can you sit there and let that wild monkey attack your baby? tee hee

We have one too, only ours is a bear. It will be Kaylee's turn to use it soon. We still have Javi's wrist leash. He was a wonderer. I haven't needed it for almost two years now. He's gotten pretty good about staying close by. I am a firm believer in them. I'm glad they came out with a cute version with the animals. I always got dirty looks with Javi's plain one. Hey, it's better than loosing your kid!

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Wow, your beach is beautiful! I agree that no one can have the crankies when you are at the beach...it's absolutely impossible. You are going to have to watch out for Bristel as she gets older!! With those big eyes....and dimples...that is trouble!!! :ha ha ha: It's so funny that you have a monkey leash...we saw a kid at the aquarium this summer flipping out in one, and we are so mean...we just stood there laughing about the leash. Although I may end up eating my words b/c my little monkey may be getting one too! Glad that you all had such a great day!

JSmith5780 said...

Ok stupid blogger, stop giving me grief!

LOVE the beach I am so jealous!

Leashes are the best invention ever. Better to leash than lose!