blankie beat down

Trevy is really really strong. And puts up a mean fight.

So we use a little trick the nurses taught us.

We criss-cross his arms over his chest...and swaddle him up in a big blue blankie. I then lay on top of his torso making sure his very grabby hands are locked under the my tummy pressure. This allows freedom for both of my hands to pin down his legs. Wrapping my palms right around his knees works best.

And then Jonathan quickly does the jab job. He's getting really good at it too!

I know it sounds barbaric. Everything about this is barbaric!

And to alleviate the stress...as soon as the shot is over & the band aid is applied...I pick Trevy up & we proceed to beat up the blankie! We kick it. Punch it. Throw it around the house. The whole while saying - Bad Blankie!

Like a charm the tears have been replaced with some smiles! Trevy likes to play rough! And mommy feels better taking out the stress on the blue blankie!


JSmith5780 said...

Bad Blankie- if the diversion works, it's well worth it... for BOTH of you.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

What a brilliant idea! Placing the anger on something tangible and safe and eventually fun too!
The swaddling and all is necessary too. I need something for Bup. He sits pretty well, but lately the second med comes back up...gross!
Glad you guys have a system that works & eventually brings smiles.

Shanna Grimes said...

Ha ha. Sounds like our house. We do some pretty barbaric things for sensory input. We do "indian burns" wrestle, sit on them and do the "javi burrito" sorta like what you described. They are comforting to our kids, you gotta do what works :)

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I actually was the "burrito queen" at the hospital. i wold get those little ones bundled so tight they didn't know what hit them. Glad that your hubby is helping with the shots. i was the one wrestling with the 25 pound 8 month old, holding him down and giving the injection because Connor would get up after James left for work. i got to where i would just lay on his upper half. i agree you have to do what works though. it's amazing that child still loves me. =)