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My mornings these days are blended with seizures...seizure meds...a grumpy-clingy baby...two big kids who also need tending...hubby that needs smooching on his way out the door...and all the other fun-stuff that assaults house-managers across the globe.

And in my crack of dawn frenzy I neglected to add that two other bloggers were given the nod in Ms. White's post.

Jen...another IS mom. Passionate advocate. Friend. And yes...random provider of links.


Lisa...whom Ms. White assumed to be an IS mom. She is not. Although she is also a victim of Questcor's greed. ACTH once used in treatment of MS is now priced out of her reach. When we met at the JEC hearing I asked -

Do you not use ACTH by choice or because of price?

Lisa answered -

Because of price.

I moderate too. And have chosen to re-post Lisa's comment below...because it deserves to be noticed:

"Yeah, I saw that same post by noticing a couple of visitors from her site. I tried leaving some comments, but apparently she moderates and didn't approve them.

Did you notice that the posts she chose to highlight within -

"She blasted Questcor time and time and time again. Her posts raised the ire of friends and family. She got support (and I suspect links) from mothers like Jen and Lisa. Finally, she gets a call from a Senator’s aide. They had found her blog and she ended up testifying on Capitol Hill."

- do not support her timeline?

In her hurry or careless rush, she completely missed the depth of research and reports I had begun posting since one year ago:Sept 2007 - Questcor Uses Orphan Drug Act as a Strategy Tool; Oct 2007 - What Questcor Didn’t Tell You about Their Income Losses; Nov 2007 - Questcor Announces Q3 Earnings; Nov 2007 - Questcor’s Real Strategy Creates Huge Opportunities for Profit!; Dec 2007 - Questcor’s Senior VP and CFO, George Stuart, becomes the 1st Inside to Cash some Profit. Just as she assumed we knew each other previously, she also assumed I was another mommy.

Gotta watch out for those 'mommy bloggers' ya know.

Wendy may have read this post which followed the JEC Senate hearing: July 2008- Price Gouging in Extremely Vulnerable and Captive MarketBut she completely missed these: July 2008 - Small Patient Population - Big Drug Prices; and August 2008 - Questcor’s CFO is ResigningIf Questcor had been paying attention and was concerned that their reputation might be tarnished by their actions, then they certainly missed plenty of opportunities to address what was being said long ago.

Just my opinion"

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