makes the medicine go down

Posted by another IS parent on my yahoo support group was a simply lovely story of a family who turned their Special Needs sadness into something beautiful...

...for parents everywhere!

As a mommy of children both special needs and typical...who struggles with the meds on a daily basis these days...I'm saying thanks!

Thank you to the Kramm Fam for turning your struggle into a wonderful tool to help parents...like me...living in the land of yucky-but-necessary meds!

Hmmmm...here's hoping I'll no longer have to head-lock Trevy for his B-6....


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Yay! Thanks for the tip. It's the B6 that we struggled with for R, now it's the Keppra. So, I mix them all together in a bottle of (rice)milk and he takes it no problem. The sideline to this is he's not nursing as much & if I nurse him when he first wakes up he won't take his meds later. Today was one of those mornings. He spit it out of the syringe, so we went to the bottle, which he wouldn't take as he had breastfed earlier. So he finally got them before his morning nap.
Hopefully, the Flavorit works for Trevy. Headlocks are no fun for anyone! Momma or Trevy.

baby trevor's mommy said...

He doesn't fight so much anymore...or maybe it's that my muscles are bigger! *smile* I've been stirring the Zonegran in chocolate milk...and letting him drink it from a straw. Straws make him VERY happy! *grin*

The battle of the meds...*sigh*


Shanna Grimes said...

Cool that he's drinking through a straw.

Thanks for the tip! We also had a lot of trouble with the B-6. We used to mix it with Rice Cereal flavored with pear juice and we'd shoot it in her mouth through a syringe. It was always a difficult one to get down.