maybe I need the meds?

We're finally home from a long day in the EEG lab.

Grams went with. So she experienced the drama first-hand.

The neuro on call came to the floor to view the video clip. Shanna...you're right. Two neuros can see the same footage & have different conclusions. Chugani says it's residual IS. Dr. M says it looks like a tic. I emailed HC because our Dr. Neuro is yet out of the country. I was using him as a *am I nutso* filter. Plus...I kinda dislike Dr. M.

We'll know who's right later today or tomorrow morning...after the EEG is read.

What I do know is that the screen was crazy squiggles. And Trev has had enough EEGs for that to alarm me. During his sleep cycle he had a lot of spiking too...but it was much more rhythmic. If that makes sense?!

So anyway...when I know more I'll post.

Thank you SO much for the calls...emails...comments...prayers...

This is a crazy life. Being an IS mommy.

In fact...if they tell me tomorrow that it's just a tic...

it'll confirm that I'm the one in need of meds!


JSmith5780 said...

I am hoping and praying you are just crazy and need meds. ;)

Keep us posted

~Mama Skates~ said...

i hope u need meds too - goooood ones! ;0)


Dawson said...

Just wanted you to know that our family is praying for Trev. Lifting him and your family up