A list of random things that made me smile this weekend...

  • The unadulterated glee in J's voice. He was quite pleased with his 1/2 priced meat bargain find. I've delegated BJ's runs to him. My freezer hates me for it! ::smile::

  • Bristel's made-up words like - pink-a-lish

  • The way Toby practices his spelling list! Hopping around the room like a baby kangaroo. It's annoyingly cute!

  • These shoes!

I've been waiting months for the air to turn crisp...so I could sport them in style!

  • Naps. Wait. Shhhhh.... Do you hear that? Me neither...isn't silence fabulous!

  • The Yummy vs. Slummy Mommy debate!

  • Grams. And her Sunday afternoon babysitting so J & I can go window shopping for our we-may-be-placing-a-bid-on-it-this-week house!

  • Two consequetive ACTH-injection free days!

  • Glimpses of Happy-Trevy again! We've missed him!

  • Seeing an older couple holding hands at the mall. And having J reach over for mine...because he noticed too.
Now it's your turn...what made you smile this weekend?


KC's Mama said...

Watching KC enjoy his birthday party. Seeing him laugh, play, and socalize like a NT child. That made me smile ear to ear : )

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Connor makes me smile everyday, but I went to a baby shower yesterday and the mom to be started crying when she opened a crocheted cape that her grandma had made. It made me smile b/c i love that there are still sentimental people in this world.

Oh, I loooooooove those shoes!! Tell Bristel that I love her new word and that i'm going to find a way to use it today. Yeah for happy Trevy days too!!!!

Adesta said...

Finding out that my 10 yr old nephew doctored up my oldest daughter's little cut on her forehead after she took a dive playing hide and seek...He can be a brat, but he loves his little cousins :)

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Love the shoes. I am so ready for fall...I just wished it never turned into winter.

My made me smile moment...enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend while out apple picking with the entire family.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Okay...so I can't resist the urge to brag about the shoes. They're my $7 Sketcher find! J & I always hit Kohls on their HUGE sale days...these were my big find last spring when all of last years fall stuff was on 90% clearnance! *grin* And I'm totally lovin' em'!


Andi said...

I'm not really a shoe girl, but those are so cute!!!!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Super cute shoes! Lovin' the dots and the little cross over strap. It's always important to have cute feet at the playground or wherever.
Thanks for the Yummy vs. Slummy smile. I'm glad it brought a little sunshine to your day.
Don't you just love holding hands with your husband? It's one of my favorite things too...reminds me of dating days and how lucky we are to have each other.Pink-a-lish-cious!:)

~Mama Skates~ said...

love the shoes too! and ur blog makes me smile! :0)