the teach-ees

That's the thing with Teaching Hospitals you know...

they come equipped with teach-ees.

Today...we had a newbie doc (the where's the nearest exit eyes gave her away) doing rounds with an Observer. Capitalized for emphasis.

Trevy was sleeping so they whisked me off to a conference room to take his history.

Which I'm quite certain I can be heard dream reciting. She was VERY nervous...but did a good job overall. Especially when factoring in my tendency to scare people with my intensity. It's the Michelle Obama factor. ::grin::

Here's a snippet of our conversation that I just couldn't resist sharing...

She: Any complications at birth?

Me: The cord was around his neck...and he was blue...but started breathing on his own rather quickly.

She: The cord was around his neck?

Me: Mmmmm hmmmm

She: Do you know how many times?

::pregnant pause::

Me : Ummm...not really...I was at the other end!

Observer: Doubled over at my clever wit


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

you crack me up!! I used to work on a pediatric unit, and some of the things those residents would say would just make me want to hide or roll my eyes.

KC's Mama said...

Sorry...I somehow missed the fact that you guys were in the hospital. Not sure how that happened. Have you been in getting a VEEG, or did you decide to start ACTH? Just curious : )
I am praying so hard for you. Give that beautiful little boy a hug from his Chicago friends.

Love Karen

baby trevor's mommy said...

Monica...I wondered if you'd laugh! It was one of my happy moments yesterday. Laughing relieves stress...

Karen...he's been hooked up since yesterday. We caught three spasms during the out-patient the other day...and even tho Dr. Neuro was convinced she just wanted to capture more before we move on to ACTH. His EEG is at the beginning stages of hyps again. It's not entirely disorganized yet...and it's only in the left hemi...which I'm trusting is good news? But it's there. And so ACTH is the direction everybody seems to be moving towards. I even emailed Chugani...hoping he'd recommend something else. He didn't. :o( I desperately wanted to try B-6 via IV...but after 5 attempts by PICU nurses...I finally said to stop. It's a wing & a prayer it would work anyway. But I found a compounding pharmacy that can remove the bad taste...and make it yummy. So we'll just have to go oral with it.

Anyway...thank you SO much everybody for your thoughts & prayers! It's nice when I have the chance to get away for a few...and find lots of sweetness in my inbox!


labonte4 said...

I have sooo many teechy stories you would be peeing your pants!!!! During our course of ACTH...I actually think one Neuro student had to re-think this profession *LOL*.

It's sooooo frustrating! Especially when your family is in turmoil....and your emotions are running wild. There is just NO room for dumb questions!

After 2 years...we've heard them all. My personal favorite....during a time when our seizure control was soooo bad (40-90+ per day) was a nurse asking if she does gymnastics class????? Can you imagine a kid having up to 90 seizures a day doing gynmastics.

Both Matt & I laughed ALL the way home that day!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you Pops and I had a good laugh just now. I read this to him. It's nice to laugh today.

PS do the kiddos miss us yet?????

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lol...that's so funny & so bad! I love it! Good for you...humor is a savior at times.
We're waiting to see a pediatrician (Jan 26 is the earliest available appt) who is notorious for using a lot of interns and teach-ees...I'll need to remember your story.:)

baby trevor's mommy said...

Rebecca...gosh it kills me the stupid things people say! Gymnastics!? Sheesh! But it does allow for a little comedy! *smile*

Mom...wow...I made dad laugh?!?!?!

mmmmaaahvey...seriously...it's the laughing that keeps me sane!


~Mama Skates~ said...

HILARIOUS! i love u & ur quick wit! ;0)