Boston Botch

Our day started out so well too.

Crisp autumny air. Colorful leaves fluttering. Trevor...who never sleeps in the car...was snoozin' before we crossed state lines. Not too many cars on the road. Sundays are good for going to Boston.

We made it to the hospital in decent time. Early enough to grab a coffee before heading up to Radiology even.

Little did we know our day would end MUCH less peacefully.

Let me first say...the staff at Boston Children's was wonderful. And we truly hold no grudges. But it was a terrible terrible day. Trouble started brewing when we were asked if we knew what kind of tubes Trevor had inserted into his little ears last Spring. Are you kidding me? I can barely remember my name! Well...evidently there are some brands that have metal in them? Good grief! And drat...why the heck didn't I think to ask about that!

So poof went our early arrival.

And from there things just got worse.

The stress of being in the hospital must be a seizure trigger. Because Trevor just had cluster after cluster after cluster...

And then even after seven pokes by three different nurses...numbing cream...warming packs...Trevy developing a spontaneous nose bleed in his angst...and every nursing trick in the book we were finally sent home. MRI-less. The could not get the IV...and therefore we could not get the MRI. Today anyway. We're rescheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.


I'm not so mad anymore. Just stinkin' exhausted. And dreading having to do this all over again in four weeks. Although I have been trying to put a positive spin on it by telling myself maybe his little brain needs this month to develop more fully? Ugh. I don't know...it just would be nice if it were already behind us!

Anyway...I'm going to plop in front of the tv now...




KC's Mama said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds perfectly awful. I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that! KC is a really tough stick too and it's really hard to watch them try to stick him. I know how hard that must have been for you to watch, and then with no results! How frusterating. I suppose there is a reason that God wants Trevy to have his MRI later rather than sooner, but it still stinks!



Shanna Grimes said...

So sorry to hear that sweetie! It stinks having to go through all that strife for nothing. I guess you can consider it a practice run. I agree with Karen, maybe god has a plan in mind for doing it later.

So glad I got to take your call. I didn't want to miss it. It was good to hear your voice, since we also did not have the best day, saying our good byes to Grandma.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh my gawd! How frustrating and sad and frustrating and tiring and just UGH!! I can't imagine how you and Trevy were feeling through & after all that. Ugh!
With R's MRI & each time he's had a general anesthetic for his two surgeries, the anesthetist puts him to sleep using a gas mask first before they adminster the other general anesthetic with an IV, much easier on the babies [& everyone else too I imagine], was this route used with Trevy too? If not is it something you could approach with the docs. It really makes it much, much easier. Just a thought....
It would make sense that the stress of the hospital would affect Trevy. Increased seizure activity...it's hateful isn't it? But somehow better at hospital cause then I don't feel like I'm imagining things or embellishing how it really is...sometimes people don't get it until they see it.
I'm so sorry you guys had such a rotten day!
Many hugs,

Molli Salzman said...

Charlie has had only 1 MRI and it was with contrast and needed an IV. Chris and I had to step out of the room because it took so many times, but they finally got it. They said because he was so chubby and his veins are deep and thin. Having to do that all over again is mentally exhausting. I would have been so frustrated. Hopefully you get more answers soon.


JSmith5780 said...

I am SO sorry to hear about the wasted day!!

It was a beautiful day for a car ride though. We did that yesterday with the boys.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Karen...I hate being in the room. And I've chosen to just let Jonathan be in there before...but then always feel SO guilty! Ugh.

Shanna...I was so glad I chose to call you! I hope your goodbyes weren't more sweet than sad! (((hugs)))

M...they didn't use the gas first! The doctor with that skills wasn't on site...ugh! Soooo...we're scheduled next time with him there & with the IV Team there! Cause we're not having another do-over!

Molli...I was SO mad! Not at anyone really...just at the situation. Although it does kinda suck that they would schedule these tests which could require intervention and then not have the people who can give the right anesthsia there! Ugh!

Jen...it WAS beautiful! We even drove through prettier parts of Boston. And stopped for lunch at CrackerBarrel for some comfort food! *smile*


KC's Mama said...

Oh hun, no need to fee guilty! I have stepped out many times and let my Mom stay with KC. (we live together so they are a close as can be : ) Sometimes our hearts can only take so much...

~Mama Skates~ said...

wow, can't u guys catch a break! so sorry about the mess - hope next time goes smoothly!


Jarret said...

It seems like every trip to the doctor or the hospital is another frustrating experience...I am sorry about that.

Love you guys,


labonte4 said...

I was stressed just reading the post! I'm surprised about the million sticks. When Ava was in PICU they used to always have the travel nurses do her (she has terrible veins). Travel nurses can stick ANYONE!

Maybe we'll have our 3T's together! Sorry that happened to poor Trevy & you guys too.


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

UGGGHHHH. that so stinks. I would think that a hospital like that would have their acts together better than that. I've always heard the saying that everything happens for a reason so maybe you'll get better results having it done later? I know you had to be exhausted. It's like we have to mentally prepare ourselves for things like that, and then it's just a kick in the gut when you can't get it done. Better luck with the next one! or we'll definitely have more ammo. for the new blog! ha ha {{HUGS}} monica

Hollis T said...

I have totally had appointments like that! I'm so sorry about your day! Such a killer.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Karen...I know you're right. Somehow I'm always hardest on myself! btw isn't it awesome having mom close? My mom has just been amazing! And Trevy actually prefers her over me sometimes!

Sharon...I know. What's up with this! Ugh!

Jarrt...yeah it's been a very very sad & stretchy few months. Love you guys too.

B...what the heck are travel nurses! And where can we find some! This same thing happened at Hasbro too. Even the NICU nurses couldn't get an IV in. But it wasn't necessary so we gave up then. We thought it was just a fluke...but then this weekend! Ugh! Do you have your MRI date yet???

Monica...good luck with your hospital day today! I wish I were closer...I'd bring you a coffee! (((hugs)))

Hollis' Mommy...one of our trips up we'll have to try & connect for coffee! btw...the vid of Hollis singing was priceless!