Check out this free budgeting tool! So far...we like...


Where has this this site been all my I-hate-menu-planning-life!?


This one is for the lazy mommies among us. Like your's truly!


Jacob's Lessons made teaching Bristel how to use the computer SOOOO easy! And the story of how this site was developed is beautiful...and inspirational too!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

All very cool.
And what beautiful dimples on your little girl!

Shanna Grimes said...

What a cutie! Just like mommy at the computer ;)

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I'm so glad you are diggin' the simplify supper site. i too hate menu planning. I've found that it has helped with my grocery bill because I have a specific list, and i don't just throw such random things in my cart. One warning...don't make the sloppy joes!! They were so not good. I wish I would've just gotten the can of manwich. Even hubby didn't like them, and he'll eat anything!

baby trevor's mommy said...

M...she is a cutie! With those dimples & eyes...we're thinking we need to lock her til' she's 30!

Shanna...Bristel the baby-blogger!*wink* Actually...it was having a really hard time teaching her how to use the mouse...but Jacob's Lesson's worked like a charm!

Monica...I LOVE that site! Thanks for the stick with manwich tip tho! *smile* Have you tried to corn casserole? It sounds yum...and I've been wanting to make some meatless meals??? Anyway...anything to make shoppoing easier!

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I haven't tried the cass. It does sound good though. The mini bbq meatloaf is yummo!! I also did the cracker coated pork chops, they were good. i don't follow their calendar all the time. i go in and create my own calendar based on what i feel like for that week.