Toby: Can I go outside?

Me: Did you brush your teeth?

(I like to ambush ask!)

Toby: Does my breath smell bad?

(nice evasion technique!)

Me: GO!

(cause mommy's onto you mister!)



The Scene: Toby was being extraordinarily obnoxiously loud. Typically I'd send him outside to burn off the energy. But it's cold (and wet) up here. In the NorthPole! So instead I made him do ten push-ups. To my satisfiaction. I know...I'm such a meanie! ::wink::

Toby: (looking much more downward dog than plank) one

Me: (smiling smugly)

Toby: (breathlessly) two...three...four...all the way to ten

Me: Okay...you're done...

Toby: Shew (wiping brow dramatically and crumbling onto the floor) that really taught me a lesson!




The Scene: Bristel standing behind me with a litter of her little hair clippies & bows & brushes. She's playing stylist with my still-wet-cause-I-never-have-time-to-blow-dry-anymore hair...and says...

Oh mommy...you're almost beautiful!


The Scene: We grabbed breakfast at Mickey D's...something we haven't done in awhile. Toby was gleeful at all the little Monopoly peely pieces!

Toby: Oh wow...do you think we'll win?

Me: Nope

Toby: Buuuuut...

Daddy: Look Toby
(blah blah blah about gimmicks & odds. Until Toby interupted with...)

Toby: Well I sure know one thing!

Me: Yes?

Toby: Nobody's won yet!


Trevy is still having at least 40 daily seizures...but honestly he's doing so great that I almost feel guilty talking about them. Almost.


We've seen a boom in development that has me tingling from my nose to my toes!

This month Trevy has -

waved & SAID "hi" for the first time ever last week!

waved & SAID "bye bye" for the first time ever!

said "ruff ruff" when prompted

picked the correct object when asked (between a boat duck & frog) while playing in the tub

signed "mommy" "daddy" "more" and "milk"

I've never really gotten excited when Trevy gained a new skill in the past. Because it was like...to gain a new skill...he lost an old skill. Buuuuuut...since we started the Zonegran it's been different! There is forward movement AND retention! All that to say that...in between the sadness...there are flashes of beautiful.

And we're feelin' happy!



Shanna Grimes said...

So glad that he's signing!! We have been trying to burn those disks, but all of them are so scratched that they keep failing. I even tried to get another copy from the neighbor a couple weeks ago, but her disks are in the same condition. Mark may have gotten one to burn. Will finally be able to get that package on the way!

~Mama Skates~ said...

omg - how exciting! i can hear the joy in ur post...way to go trevy!


~Mama Skates~ said...

oh, and curtis LOVES to make all 3 boys do push-ups as punishment! ;0)

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I love all of your randomnings! Glad to hear all of the progress that Trevy is making...makes my heart smile!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Such a tough mom!:) Pushups, teethbrushing...yikes! There's much to learn from your techniques.
Isn't it wonderful to see the sunshine through all this haze of seizures and such?! I'm so excited for Trevy and his accomplishments! It really IS the little things, isn't it?
We're working on these areas too...there's lots to overcome, but our boys will get there. They will!!

Adesta said...

Glad to hear that Trevy is gaining ground! That is so wonderful.

And I'm so glad to know that my husband and I aren't the only ones that make our kids do pushups...lol