all in a week

We had a lovely visit with my Grandmother & mom's twin sister last week! They made the long trek from upstate NY to see us. (btw Aunt Michelle...I'm really hoping you can figure out how to upload & email those pix! Otherwise your age'll show! ::wink::) In all the Trevy crank-i-ness I forgot to snap some photos myself. And I didn't get to spend near enough time catching up. But it was so cute...they follow Trev's blog religiously...so much so that Aunt Michelle noticed some of Trevy's seizure cues! And in a really sadly-sweet sorta way...it warmed my heart.

Our home has been attacked by the sick-ies.

Trev and his ear infection seem to be on the mend. I'm basing this thought on the fact that he's still napping...almost an hour after being laid down! We haven't had that kinda sleep-y success in over a week!

But now Bristel is down for the count. With a fairly high fever. Which has me debating calling Dr. Pedi for a pee-pee test. Bri has kidney reflux...and even though she hasn't had a UTI since she was 18 mos old...it's still the first thing I always suspect! But the test is always negative...which because I am not as free-spirited as I wish...always makes me blush! Sooooo...I'm thinking if she still have a fev tomorrow I'll swallow my crazy-mommy-pride & ask for the test. Ugh...

And we have dental visits...music class...Trevy labs...therapy sessions...library dates...and various other activities that will keep me hopping this week!

If I find time to upload the Halloween pix...it'll be a success!


~Mama Skates~ said...

good luck with ur week lady! hope everyone feels better ASAP!


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Wow....you really do have a busy week coming up. Those are nice every one in a while. Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos....that is never fun! Connor and i send them big {{{HUGS}}}}, and ofcourse you too!!

Adesta said...

Hope that Bristel's fever goes down soon!! And hoping that Trevy's ear infection is indeed on the mend.

Hope that Toby stays healthy!!!

{HUGS} to all

JSmith5780 said...

So if your Great Aunt lives in upstate NY, that means you SHOULD visit HER sometime and just happen to drive by us and stop for a visit. hint hint!

Hope the week goes by smoothly!