a boy and his toy (part I)

Toby's Christmas wish came true last year with the unwrapping of his very first Gameboy Advance.

There's no doubt that it was a hit gift! The little blue box has practically been glued to his arm since the unwrapping. With one exception. He never puts it where it belongs when he's done with it. And we've tried everything to help him remember.

Grams bought a special bag.

We've hid it on him when we found it left out.

Grounded him from it for extended periods of time. Which I might add...feels much more like a punishment for us than him!

Countless verbal reminders. Some on the louder-I-mean-business side even.

And he's lost it plenty-a times. But in the end it's always turned up somewhere. Until last week... While we were out scoping potential first-time-home-buyer targets...Toby snuck the gameboy along for the tours. We told him to leave it in the car. So it wouldn't get lost. In typical seven-year old fashion...he didn't listen. And the inevitable happened.

He's been wearing black & mourning the loss of his fave toy ever since. Okay...so that's a bit on the dramatic side. But he's certainly been obsessed with finding it...


The idea he came up with yesterday...

I know mom...

he says with little boy passion

I can do chores and earn the money to buy a new one!

I stood there for a good minute. Part mushy brain from life. And part trying to process what to do with his idea. Until I finally said...

Okay Toby

and paused for effect

Make up a chore chart complete with prices. Present it to daddy for approval. And we'll see if we can make it work.

He quickly asked to borrow paper & pencil and has been busy ever since. I...for one...am enjoying the gusto that's keeping him occupied over there...all alone...with no mommy help needed!


and I also happen to be very very interested to see what he comes up with!


~Mama Skates~ said...

oh yeah, can't wait to see that price list!!! ~lol~


Shanna Grimes said...

Javi did the same with his first GBA. You could purchase a used or refurbished GBA. They are usually about $30-40 We did the same and it's still going strong, it's on it's last legs now since Javi chewed on it. He ran his new DS lite under the faucet to clean it. Needless to say, Javi is no longer allowed to use handheld games. Ahhh, the joys of Autism ;)

Ethan can't live with out the GBA and is much more responsible with it than Javi ever was. He is playing with it right now actually.

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Can you loan him to me for about a week? The cost of living is a little cheaper here so he'll have to do a little bit more down here to make the same amount, but tell him i tip well ;) What initiative he has!!! I too can't wait to see his price list. Toilets need to be the highest priced of course!!

labonte4 said...

Poor Toby!!! Christian thought he lost his DS a few months ago & cried too (and he almost NEVER cries) I wonder if you could find one for cheap on Ebay? Actually, I need lots of work done around here *LOL*

Tom and Joanne Foltz said...

I feel for Mom and Dad; and I identify with Toby. I lost a phone last week and I felt like mourning. Although, I don't enjoy having to be tied to a phone like Toby enjoys the game. Toby can work for me!! It might cost a little for transport though. Love you all, Bibi

Adesta said...

Danielle, I have to commend you & J on your willingness to allow Toby to work in order to purchase a new GBA. I know lots of people, my sister in law being one of them, who would have just gone out and bought a new one. She's done that for her son twice now and he's also got a XBox 360 that he goes online with and everytime he does, since it don't have any kind of virus protection software, he gets a virus on it. She has sent that darn thing to Texas for fixing more than 6 times I believe since he's gotten it! If it was me, nope...either no more online with it or you just don't get it fixed.

A friend of mine showed me that Walmart has the Nintendo DS' on sale this weekend and suggested one for Marissa, my oldest. I was like, Nope, she's not responsible enough to have one of those yet. She is forever losing things around the house and there is no way I'm handing her something like that to lose.

I have lots of cleaning that needs to be done if Toby's available before Christmas!!! lol Good luck Toby!!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

That's impressive! Not the losing part, but that he wants to EARN another one, not just demanding you buy it for him. Good job parents! Great initiative Toby!! I'm so impressed!