hide n' seek

Am I the only one feeling like I can't get everything done in a day that needs doing? Why is it that I love this time of year again? Cause seriously...I'm frazzled...

It's business as usual with Trevy therapies & classes

Our house (wooooow! Goosebump city just saying it out loud!) passed the Saturday inspection with just a few minor things to get taken care of.

We've gotten the two thumbs up regarding our financing. Just a few more details to work through. It's quite stressful btw...ugh! And I'm SO having cold feet moments! I mean...I get nauseous buying a car for crying out loud!

Our close date is set for December 18th...sooooooo could we be in by Christmas? Any takers on help with the painting?!

I'm tempted to just cancel Thanksgiving! Or head to the nearest Cracker Barrel!

We go to Boston tomorrow for Trevy's repeat 3T MRI. Think of us please...I'm not looking forward to this again. Although the IV team is supposed to be on hand...but I have been informed that they do not give gas pre-IV sticking! There was a bit of miscommunication on that one...

I've been fighting off a cold the past few days. I think I'm losing...ugh!

Trev has been super cranky. It's hard to know if it's a Vig reaction. Or the little wean from Zonegran? Or teeth...he's been chew-i-er than normal? But whatever it is...I wish it would pass already!

And I barely have two minutes to sit at the computer anymore. Do I sound as complain-y as I feel? Ugh...sorry. Maybe I'm due for my every few months meltdown?


At any rate...I'm busy. Soooooo...if the posts (or comments) are lacking...trust me. I'm there in heart! Just not real time...


JSmith5780 said...

House buying is just so big. My parents I think are beginning to regret the whole darn thing! But you will get through it... and I would offer to paint, but it's a little far right before the Holidays!

Pre-IV... call anesthesia and ask two questions... could they give an oral sedative or could you give Melatonin. Call today so you can be prepared! It's not so much to knock him out but to at least take the edge off to relax him. I really hope things go smoothly tomorrow!

Jeff is getting sick too, he's miserable, which means I am as well.

We'll be thinking of you all tomorrow!

Shanna Grimes said...

Ugh, house buying. I feel nauseated just thinking of it. I'm sure it will be a nice Christmas present just to get in to a house. Don't worry about the decorating. That will come with time. Hey, at least boxes and Christmas work ya know? Only time of year it's ok to have boxes around. Just leave them around the tree, LOL!

Good luck tomorrow. I hope you are feeling better. Get lots o' rest tonight! Not that I have to remind you...but let us know how it goes tomorrow.

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Good Luck tomorrow!! See if they can give him some oral Chloral Hydrate for sedation. it will help with both the IV start and the MRI process. It's all so frightening at that age.

Congrats on the house! Can't wait to see pics. As far as Thanksgiving goes...my vote goes for Cracker Barrel! One, because i just love it, and #2 I'm sure the kids could care less where they eat as long as they get to eat.

Maybe we could put Trevy & connor in the same room and let them be grumps together. Meanwhile we could have our meltdown in the next room. Just been so blah lately. I don't like being an adult anymore...it's no fun. Just wish I could find that magic 8 ball to tell me what to do.

Hope you feel better. Get lots of Vitamin C in!! Be careful tomorrow! {{{{{HUGS!}}}}

Adesta said...

Praying that the MRI goes smoothly today!!!

Congrats on the house. I feel your pain and I'm not even moving! I'm just trying to clear out alot of the girls' stuff to make room for the new baby!!! *sigh* You need painting help and I need toy give-a-way help! lol

Hope you feel better soon and hope that Trevy is just getting another tooth. My youngest would get cranky with every tooth...my oldest, once she got the first, we didn't know she got anymore until we spotted them. They didn't bother her at all!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh, my heart is with you guys today! I pray that it all goes as well as can be expected, that the trip isn't a waste of time and tears, that there are as few pokes as possible (why don't they do gas pre IV? It's almost mean! I'm so sorry about that!), and that it goes better than you could have ever dreamed. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!
Congrats on the house! It IS stressful, but oh so wonderful once you're settled in. Wuhoo! By the way...I vote for Cracker Barrel!:)
And...you are absolutely entitled to your every-so-often meltdown. Somehow they're almost energizing...after it's through it's like you're able to pick up and go again with a little bit lighter heart.
You and your family are in my prayers today.
Many hugs,

KC's Mama said...

Good luck with the MRI! You are in my prayers, as always : ) Congrats on the house! I totally understand how stressfull the process is. Actually if you ever have questions, I am a mortgage loan processor so I might be able to help!
I hope Trevor feels better soon.


~Mama Skates~ said...

not sure how i missed this post - i hope boston went well!

and omg - how exciting about the house! i know it's stressful, but how cool that u could b in b4 xmas! would love to help paint - is the house closer to me than u r now? ~lol~

hope u're having a better week! have a fab thxgiving girl! thinking about u!