I'm just sayin'

It took us all by surprise. The closing of ClubSprouts. I was selfishly heartbroken. I loved that it was, like, two minutes from my house. And that Trevy enjoyed the class. And the teacher. And that Bristel always had a blast. And that they had a big play gym that EI kids could use during open times all week long! It was fab! And when they closed...the three of us were really sad.

But then I learned it didn't matter because our EI program can no longer afford to pay for non-EI affiliated classes anymore anyway. And with the monthly Vigabatrin bill looming...neither can we.

So anyway...our EI case manager came up with a Plan. She would host her own music class. At their little office. With only EI kiddos & sibs.

Which sounded great. Trevy loves music so I was game to give it a go. Although gotta admit...the 20 minute drive is much less enjoyable than the 2 to ClubSprouts!


But Ms. EI was really excited. And had already outfitted the room with foam ABCs and musical instruments to throw or chew or hit each other over the head with. And overall last week went well. Although Trevy cried a lot. He's not so much with the switchin' of the routine. I was happy only two other kiddos showed. So it was an intimate setting.

Which is why we were NOT prepared for today!

The energy was vibe-ing from down the hall. The room was P-A-C-K-E-D. With mommies. And banging instruments. And running siblings. And EI kids with various special needs communicating in various manners and volumes.

Trevy's not so much with the energy vibe-ing either. But he was only pouty and not sobby as long as nobody looked at him...or spoke to him...and sat near him...or...

I was a little stressed out.

At one point...when the room was so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. The cd player was blaring. Trevy was crying. Bristel was dancing. The little girl next to us was running around hugging everybody. Another little boy was taking all the less aggressive children's toys. One little guy...obviously overwhelmed by the chaos was just randomly screaming at the top of his lungs. He had some pipes too. At least four other children making additional noise. Ms. EI's cute hair-do had come undone and she looked like she might very well join Trevy.

It was at that point that the giggle started to tickle my tummy...all the way up until I rolled on my side in hysterics! Tears streaming hysterics.

And I'm just sayin'...it was really really funny. And you should try it too!


~Mama Skates~ said...

haha, that reminds me of jaden's little giggle coping technique...when he's on the verge of tears about something, that he knows probably isn't the end of the world, he'll force himself to giggle until he really is laughing - then all better! :0)

so after all that, will Ms. EI be hosting this group again? ;0)


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Talk about sensory overload!! I got a nervous twitch just reading about it. Ms. EI was probably asking herself what in the heck she was thinking...kind of like your trip to the library the other day. Ha Ha Ha!! Maybe the other fams will be so overwhelmed by it, and not come back so then you'll have your intimate setting back. Let us know how it goes!

Shanna Grimes said...

I was wondering the same thing as Sharon. From the sounds of it, it was complete chaos. Although, sometimes chaos is good. It's nice to be able to let loose. Javi and Ethan would proabably cover their ears the whole time, but Kaylee would probably join in with the kid stealing toys from other kids. Our dainty little princess is kind of a brute.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I don't think Ms. EI is ready to throw in the towel yet...but I am! :O) Unless Trevy starts to enjoy himself that is!


blondie said...

Love the picture you paint with your words! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to experience it!