Boston update

I'm happy to report that this trip to Boston went much better! Although three pokes in we were starting to have our doubts.

Which is exactly when Miss. IV Team arrived. She had us swaddle Trevy up tight. Switched off the lights. And held a little lamp on the back side of Trevy's hand. Which illuminated all his little veins. And their little paths.

Two seconds later we were hooked up! I was very impressed. And shall from henceforth always demand IV team presence.

Jonathan & I sat in the room during the MRI. Trevy...who is a fighter if there ever was one...had to be pillowed to death because he was still sobbing in his sleep! To prevent his little hiccuping head from bobbing they had to shove pillows & blankets all round him. My little monkey. What the nurses found annoying...Jonathan & I find wonderful. Fight on Trevy!

500 images later we were whisked off to recovery. It was obvious Trevy didn't forget he was mad. He woke up screaming. And screamed his bloody head off. Until we were on the elevator heading home. It was like he knew he could stop fighting now. He was safe again. Away from needles. And nurses. And weird magnetic brain scanning machines. And our little guy morphed back into sweet (and slightly sleepy) Trevy.

Why is it that the drama never pays off? Or is it just me?

Dr. Neuro called over the weekend to report that once again we have a *clean* MRI.

It's a good thing...

she tried to convince me.

I'm not that easy. Maybe it has something to do with my perpetually seizing son toddling around my feet. Maybe it has something to do with not seeing any results from Vigabatrin yet. I know the disappoint has some roots in the fact that his last EEG showed the abnormal activity beginning to invade his right hemisphere too. There were a lot of emotions (and drama) rolled into that MRI.

And as bizarre as it may seem...the disappointment of not finding something hit my heart hard.

But no time to linger in Frustrated-ville. I have a strep throat daughter to tend...

::smile & sigh::


~Mama Skates~ said...



Shanna Grimes said...

Good news about the clean MRI. Hoping Kay's will still be clean when we go.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Sharon...I like swapping hugs! *wink*

shanna...when is Kay's scheduled for?? MRIs are definately one of my love/hate things in life!


KC's Mama said...

Wow, what a roller coaster you have been on. I am so sorry that you did not get some much needed answers from the MRI. My hope for you is that Trevy's seizures will stop and later you can be happy that there is not an underlying issue to deal with. (as is yours I'm sure!!) As always, my dear, you are in my prayers.


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Well I'm glad that they didn't find anything, but I share in your frustration big time that you still don't have any answers. I was so hoping that the Vig. would work for you guys. I hate that you are having to go down the medication yellow brick road with us. These boys!!! SO glad that the MRI went more smoothly this time. I love the light trick!. It was always one of my faves for the smaller babes, can't say I ever did it with a kid Trevy's age, but I'm so glad that it worked! Give my girl Bristel {{HUGS}} from me to feel better!! ~m

labonte4 said...

Sorry D. We're approaching this too. The 16th of this month I think. Dr. Neuro already prepared me not to expect anything...nice...eye *LOL* Isn't is sick that we're all just hoping and praying our kids could be a candidate for brain surgery!!!! Still, I never give up hope for seizure freedom!!