Bristel: Mommy?

Me: Mmmmm Hmmmm....

Bristel: I wish I could see you kissing Santa Claus!


The Scene: Toby's mystery rash was pretty freaky looking. Jonathan was insistent (in front of our easily influenced first born) it looked like poison ivy. Ummmm...I think he forgot it's stinkin' winter! Anyway...so Toby and I are in Dr. Pedi's waiting room.

Toby: (staring intensely at his fingers) OH NO! (Toby does not have an inside voice)

Me: What?!

Toby: I think I see the poison oil on my fingers!

A few minutes later

Toby: OH NO!

Me: Shhhhhhhh!

Toby: But Mom I just recognized something!

Me: (exasperated) What?!

Toby: There's no way I can do school today! The poison oil will get on all my papers!

Me: Tobin! We don't even know what you have yet! (and there may have been some cursing of a certain husband under my breath?)

A few minutes after that

Receptionist: Mrs. Foltz what should I put as Toby's reason to be seen today?

Me: (jumping up to the counter and whispering) A rash

Toby: (jumping up from his seat and not whispering) But Mom it's poison ivy!

Other Parents: (pull their children closer & stare)

Me: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Seriously? Is it me? Or is he a bit OCD?!


My newest obsession?

Those new Hershey's mint-y things.



Whoever thought up sending out Walmart toy catalogues is just SO slick. Almost as slick as those every thirty seconds assault our off spring with a toy they CAN'T live without commercial people that I love (to hate)! I did however enjoy the hours of silence said booklet gave me as Toby & Bristel flipped through the pages. They even took to circling one thing per page that they'd ask Santa for. Each.

CHILDREN READING Pictures, Images and Photos

But it didn't end there.


Toby proceeded to tally up how much of a hit dear ol' St. Nick would be taking this year.

Oh No...

he cried in that endearing loud voice of his.

It's over $2000!!!!

And I kid you not...he then proceeded to go through page by page & slash toys until he reached a more modest budget of $500! Of course...Bristel's wishes realized more of a cut than his own. But still!

His math-y-ness he gets from his Daddy!


Painting is REALLY fun!

for about 30 minutes!



Bristel: Oh mommy...it's berry berry froggy out!

Translation: very very foggy


Bristel: I want some root deer daddy!

Translation: root beer

I know we should probably correct her. But what's the fun of being a parent twice over if you can't let some things slide?!



I'm exhausted just thinking about hiring a moving truck and sifting through all of our belongings that we haven't seen in TWO years!

I can't imagine how much Tanzanian dust is inside that storage unit!


I promise to post a picture marathon of our new home once we're all settled!


JSmith5780 said...

Did I get someone hooked on the Hershey's minty things?!?

So is it poison oil or no??

~Mama Skates~ said...

oh - those walmart "wish books" KILL ME! last year, they even put stickers in the front so the kiddos could mark what they wanted! and of course, they always think of something new to ask santa for, AFTER he's already packed up his sleigh for the trip! ;0)

CANNOT WAIT for pics of the new diggs! congrats sweets - i know it's a lot of work (i HATE moving!), but it's into ur own house!!! how stinkin' cool!'


baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen...you're TOTALLY to blame! That n' the fact that Andes candies are outrageously priced this year! And no...it was a virus. J was SO berry berry wrong!

Sharon...it IS totally kewl to be moving into a place of our own! Can't wait til' the heat wave comes around and melts all this stinkin' ice so we can actually park in our driveway! lol


baby trevor's mommy said...

oh yeah...and I accidently published three posts today! oops... Or maybe I'll just take an early Christmas bloggy break?! *smile*


Shanna Grimes said...

Addicted to Starbucks Vanilla Latte Chocolates.

Poor Toby! Rashes are the worst!! Did you try that Aveeno lotion?