a special thank you...

To the various cyber-friends who took the time to send us Christmas cards...and even gifts!

Thank you SO much!

I had good intentions...to send out cards this year. I even took cute kiddo pics early autumn with the intention of printing picture cards this year.

That SO didn't happen...


Which makes your thoughtfulness that much sweeter!

Maybe I should ask for a picture printer for my birthday this year? From February should give me enough time to print out next year's cards...right?!



Adesta said...

You could always just take the pictures and then take the memory card from your camera and let Walmart (or any store with a Kodak printer) do the printing for you. The prints are generally cheap and I think you can make holiday cards on there too!!!

Now...if only you can remember that come next December!!!! (hugs)

Shanna Grimes said...

D- you don't have to kill a tree to tell people you love them. You do that everything you update your blog ;) keep on truckn'. That house will be done in no time.

Yeah, we got ours by uploading to CVS and picking them up an hour later. Cheaper than buying Christmas cards or printing them yourself (since toner is $$$). However, the same price as a bucket of paint! You need the paint much more.