Vigabatrin may be a better option

At this point there's no doubt. ACTH will not be providing us more than one miracle.

Which is why this study peaked my interest. It indicates that Vigabatrin may be a better option for treating Infantile Spasms in children with Cortical Dysplasia.

We're still on The Hunt for the under lying cause of Trevor's IS.

(this post was written in September...but for some reason I never got around to publishing it. I feel the information is worth a read. Even a few months later. ::smile::)

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Juan said...

Vigabatrin has been our miracle medicine... Diego, my beloved son, is alomst 10 months old and has been on this med for about 3 months and ever since has only 1 episode of the spasms every one or two weeks compared to 4 or 5 daily that he used to have.