adventures in parenting

No doubt about. I love mommy-hood. In between the chaos...and mental neck wringing...there is A LOT of laughter. And joy. And fulfillment.

In fact...their antics were the inspiration for my original "random-nings" posts!

And are...in fact...the inspiration for today's!

Adventures in parenting Toby...

I was chatting up a friend yesterday. Our boys played ball together last year. And the topic of Spring ball came up.

To which she gave me the "machine pitch head's up"...

Toby...my not so little any more baby boy...will need to wear a CUP!!!!!!

A CUP!!!!!

My funny bone has a mind of her own...and for some reason this thought tickled her hysterical!

I just couldn't stop laughing! The thought of my Toby...needing to protect his you know whats...


Parenting Toby just entered a whole new phase!

Adventures in parenting Bristel...

The Princess. By Design...and not mommy interference. Cause trust me...adding princess gear to our already overloaded with sports gear? Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of clutter?


But alas my little sweetie petite-y is addicted to all things Cinderella...or Jasmine...or Belle...

And dresses! It's 9 below...and the girl insists on wearing a dress!

Which is why on Sunday...as we were donning going to church in the snow clothes...I told her she had to wear pants. No questions.

I did not anticipate the flood of tears!

Nor this...

"But mommy...nobody will think I'm beautiful!"

My breath caught in my chest. My almost four year old...sweet as can be munchkin...is ALREADY worried about people thinking she's beautiful! And has ALREADY attached beauty to clothes. Exterior. Superficial!

I took her little face in my hands and explained to her as best I could...

...that beauty comes from the inside. From the way you love people. And treat people. And not from dresses...and dimples...and Prince Charmings.

And it occurred to me that I needed the lecture too...and that maybe I was the one poisoning my not even four yet daughter?

And parenting Bristel has just jumped to a whole new level!

Adventures in parenting Trevor...

The red dripping from his chin looked like blood! I raced over...only to be assaulted by a VERY strong scent of rose.

And I knew in that instant Houdini had struck again!

Trevy managed to break into the bathroom. And take a swig or two from some bath oils.

The (rose tinted) vomit a minute later confirmed it!

Thank God Grams was actually at the house and took the big kids...cause Poison Control immediately sent us (me n' Trev) to the ER. Where I spent several hours under observation watch. Because...evidently the hydro carbons in oils can lead to some fairly nasty conditions. And I was educated that Trevy may need a breathing tube at some point. But that every child responds differently. And that sometimes the effects aren't seen until hours later.

I was able to convince the ER staff (who btw were amazing!) that I'm not a rookie mom...and I could handle this at home if observation was all that was needed. It helped that the hospital pharmacy doesn't stock Vigabatrin. (A sign?? To give it a few more weeks??? Because after all it was my Get out of an overnighter free card! ::smile::)

We were released. On the understanding that...if at any point during the night Trevy experienced any trouble breathing...we were to immediately head to the closest ER.

And as I was cruising home. Trevy sleeping soundly behind me. I realized that parenting Trevy...has been a MUCH bigger journey that I ever imagined. And...non-stop adventure n' all...I'm loving it!

Oh...and we made it through the night just fine. Looks like this'll be one for the memory book!



JSmith5780 said...

The things our kids say and do!

Glad Trev is OK!

Had our first bunk bed casualty... Connor fell from the middle bunk last night. Big lump on his head. Poor kiddo.

EEG being scheduled for Austin. I'm not hopefully since they only plan to do a 30 min one.

~Mama Skates~ said...

a cup?! wow - that would tickle me too! ;0)

& oh man, i've had the superficial, beauty is not what's on the outside convo with gabby several times this year - kindergarten, ugh!

and the luck! glad trevy is ok - that little booger!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing at telling stories that resound with parents and help THEM to realize their new levels when they see them.


Shanna Grimes said...

First, glad Trevy is ok! Hard to believe how fast they grow up. Also, Kaylee is not yet two, but feels the need to put on "make up" with mommy. She has a sleeping beauty vanity kit and she paints nails and puts on make up. I was going to actually post about it today!

Love hearing your stories!! Keep 'em coming!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jenny...hope the EEG goes good & that you get a lot of information that you can use! ((((hugs))))

Sharon...seriously! Is parenting WAY more involved than you expected?! Cause I know it is for me!

Barbara...that may very well be the sweetest compliment EVER! Well...there was that one time those little kids asked if I was a movie star...buuuuut it's definatley second best! *wink*

Shanna...you've totally gotta post a vid clip of Kay primping! Bristel's always sneakin' into my makeup too! Girls...


Adesta said...

My lordie...thankfully Trevy is ok!!!

I'm not girly enough I guess you could say so I'm able to kill two of your birds with one stone. One, I don't own bath oils so I don't have a fear of the kids ingesting them and two, I do not own ANY makeup so my girls never have the chance to put some on. Although, occasionally my oldest will ask to have her nails painted...we keep telling her that when she's 20 she can do whatever she likes...I know that she will have nails painted before then but if I can keep my "little" girl little for just a while longer, I'll be happy.

As for Toby....I laughed too. I remember when my brothers had to start wearing those when they played sports and I thought it was funny then too....:)