I survived...

what felt like FOREVER without the internet!


We're nestling in quite nicely. The living areas are all put in proper order. The basement on the other hand...

...I wouldn't look if I were you!


Just in time to pack my bags and head to DC too!

Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm tempted to get sauced at the airport...

Have you seen the forecast (ice n' rain) in these parts. For a freaky flyer...it's not nerve reinforcing! But I hear a nice glass of Chardonnay is!



Trevy did the funniest thing yesterday.

He closed the closet door on Toby...

...and said...


I'd swear he knew what he was doing!


Evidently moving inspires seizures...

...any hope we had in Vigabatrin is gone at this point. We're weaning the Zonegran. And Dr. Neuro wants to add Clonapan


We had two *home owner* experiences already.

1) I came home and the furnace was off. And I couldn't get the darn thing back on.

Did you know those things come with reset buttons????

Me neither!

Ha...the things you learn for $90 service fees!

2) My (it's new...I promise) dryer also stopped working. But Jonathan...all intent on being home owner-y...broke out the manual and figured out that the problem was the belt.

And sure enough...

...one entirely dismantled dryer later...

...we found a busted belt!

I'm pleased to say he got it back together with only one or two left over screws!

I think.

He's actually still (where I abandoned him) in the basement...and I'm hearing loud banging noises...


I'll catch up on emails...and blogs...and such next week!

Until then...




...and evidently all is not well with the dryer saga.

I just heard my name bellowed from the under-regions!

Better go help!


~Mama Skates~ said...

oh no - stop J! it's brand new, go exchange it!!! ;0)

and D - have more than 1 glass hun...have more than 2! ;0) u deserve it - i can't believe u're running from moving, to flying 2 DC - and i really can't believe ur only 2 hrs from me again & i won't see u!!! :0(

good luck love! b safe & kick butt once again!!!


labonte4 said...

Oh Please! I didn't have internet for ...like...weeks. Good luck in DC.

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I've missed you! I got several chuckles from the random-nings to tide me over. good luck in DC you mama warrior! have a glass or 2 for me too. Take care!!!

Shanna Grimes said...

Love this post ;), so you! I missed you. I know I have also been bloglazy lately. Mark has been rebuilding my laptop, so I haven't had that much access to it over the past few days. Hope all goes well in DC. Kick some bootay! Have a glass of Chard for me.

Good luck doing battle with the dryer! We also had a busted belt in our old one, but it was definitley time for a new set. It should be under warranty.