I suppose it served me right for ignoring her feed me requests?


Bristel's newest fave phrase...

My tongue is thirsty!


The Scene: Thursdays the big kiddos love to visit Grams & PopPop's church for Kid's Club. Doesn't hurt that Grams is the teacher! Anyway...the three of us were all snuggled up on the back pew. When you have small-ish children the back pew is tops! During song service I felt little eyeballs on me...and looked down to find Toby staring hard at my nose. In the ring vacinity.

Can I touch it?

He whispered...

I (wasn't really paying attention) nodded...

Next thing I know...his little kid claw was knuckle deep up my nostril! When he asked to touch my nose ring...half listening me thought for sure he meant the sparkley exterior! Evidently...the silver curly inside part is much more interesting!



and speaking of said ring...

I found my Tanzanite nose ring in the abyss of our life collections! This is a minor miracle!

I'm too big of a chicken to put it in myself. Last time I attempted to switch nose rings was not pretty. Big...fat...puffy...but definately not pretty! So this time I'll be enlisting the help of a pro!

Can't wait to sport my African nose bling!


Ages ago a friend sent me the book Blue Like Jazz. I've always meant to pick it up. But life got in the way.

Until recently...

And I'm loving it! Which is why it totally makes sense that he'd send it all the way to Tanzania for me. Now if only I could get him to email now n' then????

::hint hint::


Those Webkins...


Computer wars in our house!


Jonathan (has been doing most of the shopping) bought tangelos the other day. Which we think are a cross between oranges & tangerines? 'Cept for the seeds they were quite yum-a-lish.

Evidently Bristel swallowed a seed during dinner the other night...

Cause she looked around all wide-eyed and said...

Oh that's okay...

I'll just poop it out!


~Mama Skates~ said...

i love that 1st pic of lil mischief/miss chief! ;0) she's like "uh, u really want me 2 keep eating, while u take my picture???"


Anonymous said...

Haha! Message received! How did you know I was lurking?

Speak to you soon mate!

Much love from da Dawg! :@}

ps. Bristel made me laugh!

JSmith5780 said...

You gotta love kids!

Out of curiosity... what kind of pro changes a nose ring? Do you go back to a piercing shop?

baby trevor's mommy said...

mama...I know right? Bristel is SO hysterical!

Dawg...I was hoping you were lurking! NOW EMAIL ME!

Jen...okay so some salons do piercings...BUT...I've learned the hard way that the best place to go is usually a good tat shop. They tend to have more experience...and that's a good thing!


Adesta said...

The last part about the Tangelo's and Bri swallowing the seed, priceless!! Those are the things you wish you got on video to use as black mail when they get older. Hubby loves to do that to our girls.... :) He'll pretend he's just checking the power to the battery on the camera and the girls will just continue with whatever silly act they were doing and 5 minutes later you will hear, DAD! I thought you said you weren't recording us!!! It's just way too good.

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

oh those were some good ones!!! cracking me up!

Shanna Grimes said...

I literally laughed out loud ~he he~!!