Wednesday, January 21, 2009

school's in session

Today was preview day.

I felt all trendy (in my dodge caravan...ha!) driving through downtown Providence in route to The Groden Center. Trevy's first school. All that was missing was a Dunkin' Latte. Jonathan says no more of those...the price of home owner-ship!


So we ( EI Kelly) arrived Latte-less...but excited. EI has been great to us. But I really believe Trevor will thrive with a more comprehensive approach. And Groden's strategy is a 3:1 ratio. Three therapists to one kiddo!

Hmmmmmm... if I could just convince them to implement this strategy at home. Imagine the dinners I could make! My Italian side would go wild!

I thought it would just be a quickie tour. See room. See toys. Go home. I was wrong. In a good way! They actually had a little class just for Trevy. And as it turned out...that was a good idea.

Cause no sooner had we plopped on the calico-rug to play with some groovy (expensive) therapy toys...

than we had attack of the seizure monster.


Seizure...really cry...seizure...

Cling to mommy...seizure...seizure...seizure...

And so it went for about ten minutes. Little tears streaming down chunky cheeks. Teachers & EI coordinators not really knowing what to say. Taking ques from me. Me hugging Trevy and wishing they'd stop looking at me for ques. Me looking for a hole to hide in. But not really blaming them...cause I'da gawked if the shoe was on the other foot. My God...I wish the shoe was on the other foot. Actually...I wish there was no such thing as an IS shoe! Trevy crying. Very unhappy. Flashing I-have-a-smidge-of-Italian dirty looks at the teachers. Me wondering if this was really a good idea.

The preview was not off to a good start.

But these Groden Girls know their stuff. And after the cluster passed. And Trevy was a little more reasonable...they actually succeeded in getting him off of my lap. And eventually out of my sight entirely. And by all appearances...enjoying himself!

And by the end of our sneak peek I could feel little hope roots sprouting in my (at times emotionally-unstable) heart.

And right now I'm thinkin' this is gonna be a very good thing for my Trev-ster!


~Mama Skates~ said...

how exciting!!! u're the best mom EVER!!! (& pretty darn funny 2!) ;0)

JSmith5780 said...

As much as you'll 'hate' me for saying this, I think it was GOOD that Trevy had a seizure for them to see. One so they know what to expect (and not fear the unknown) and two to see how you cope so they know how to cope. Make sense?

That's awesomet hat Trev is starting school. He'll love it and you'll love the little bit of freedom!

Adesta said...

I'm agreeing with Jen here. That cluster may have just been a blessing in disguise. While I don't wish it on anyone, even my own worst enemy, maybe this time you can be kind of thankful that one happened so that these girls could witness it and learn from you and Trevy both how to handle that situation. It's better than you trying to explain it or having them going in blind all-together.

I think Trevy is going to just love school. Haylee can't wait to get to preschool this fall!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Sharon...noooooo you are! *wink* Thanks for the compliments sweets! Made my day!

Jen & Adesta...I 100% agree! It was definately good for them to witness his siezures...and how they affect him. Still weirds me out feeling SO watched...but it's healthy. This is Trevy...and it's huge for the people in his life to know him...even seizure him!

xoxoxo everybody! I'm having a great mood day...what's up with that?!


JSmith5780 said...

Did you steal my Wellbutrin?? ;)

baby trevor's mommy said...

haha! Actually...I think it's Wii induced! I lost lbs! And my trainer keeps telling me what great abs I have! *wink*


Adesta said...

lol. Glad to hear that you are in good spirits and that all is going well.

I can't wait to get our Wii now and get the Wii sounds like so much fun although I don't know how much I'll be able to do being 7 months pregnant!! BUT, it will certainly help me lose the weight if my body decides not to just lose it as soon as this one is born like it did the other two.

~Mama Skates~ said...

LOVE it! glad u're feeling better - and congrats on the poundage loss! whoo stinkin hoo!!! i need 2 get me one of those already!


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Trust will be a great thing for Trevy and YOU!! I was so reluctant for Connor to go to "school", but it was the best thing we have done in this whole IS nightmare. I need to try out this Wii fit, first I have to get the tow truck to come and lift my fanny off of the couch!! Congrats on the poundage though.

Shanna Grimes said...

Great that Trevy made it through his first school day/preview day, despite the sz episode. Great job on the Wii fit too!! We'll have to do WFC sometime!