more sleep ska-pades

So last night we decided to let Trevor cry. For no longer than 15 minutes.

I know this is controversial territory. And bloggy people tend to be ultra opinionated!


But something had to give. And I didn't want to resort to meds...if this is not really med related. But age related.

The jury's still out.


I will say...Trevy had a much better night. He woke first around 8:30. I went to him. Milked him. Gave him Tylenol cause I think he may be getting his two year molars. And whispered "it's night night time". Then laid him back in bed where he rolled over and snoozed.

He woke again at 10:30. Daddy's turn. Who didn't have the same roll over n' snooze luck. Trevor angry screamed. But before the timer beeped 15 all was quiet. He'd fallen asleep.

Awake again around 1am. Same scenerio. Only less crying.

Woke at 5:30am. Even less complaining.

And for the first time in weeks Trevy slept in! Until 7:15!

Like I said. The jury's still out on wether this is a teething toddler thing. Or a Vigabatrin makes me crazy awake thing. But I'm willing to give it a few more days before filling the script. Although we'll continue using the slow-release Melatonin as well.


Adesta said...

While I don't know what it's like to have a child on meds like Trevy, as a mom myself, I think it sounds more like a toddler just wanting attention in the middle of the night. When that don't happen, he seemed to just zonk back out on his own. Praying that that is all it is and he will soon be sleeping through the night and you will have less chances of waking up cranky!! *smile*

~Mama Skates~ said...

yay! hope u have many more sleep-filled nights in ur future!!!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Yay for you...and Trevy too! It's hard isn't it? Deciding what to do.
B & I just had this conversation tonight as Bup is having a difficult time going to sleep...wants us there....and is waking throughout sometimes and always around 5am.
I'm so glad you all got some extra sleep last night.Sleep makes one a better parent!:) Coffee too...so I've heard!lol:)
We use a melatonin combined with a couple other homeopathic items for W as sleep is a real stuggle with him. It's saved every one's sanity, including W's, plus he's healthier and happier after a good night's sleep. It took me awhile to get my head around this but our Naturopath and RN were so supportive.
Anyway, enough about me...
I am so happy for you!

Hollis T said...

As hard as it is to do the "Ferber Method", which you seem to be describing, it so pays off in the end! We did it with Hollis at 4 months old, after having to drive her in the car to get her to sleep, and ever since, she's been an excellent sleeper. She usually sleeps about 12 hours straight! Keep up the hard work!

Shanna Grimes said...

I was surprised that you held out this long ;) We "ferberized" Kaylee as soon as she was all done with ACTH. I think I would probably feel the same way if Kaylee was still on a serious med like the Vig or ACTH. It's so hard to hear them cry. Good job, mom and dad!! Way to get some much needed sleep.

Our pedi told us that sleeping through the night is often not an automatic. It must be taught. He told us (with Ethan) that we were actually depriving him of sleep by not allowing him to work it out on his own. He said start out with incriments of 10 min and add 10 more min (maxing out at 30) every night ( of letting him cry it out). It only took 4 days and he started sleeping all night. He was 16 months when we did this ;)