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The pros & cons of Nationalized Healthcare have long tumbled around my noggin. Having been raised a good lil' Republican there once was a time I would have towed the line. But now? Having been touched by unexpected illness...and all that entails. Suddenly...the lines are ever more shades of grey. Anyway...I look forward to adding my (somewhat coherent) thoughts...

when I can shake the groggies...and collect them!


Oooooor...you could just share yours so I can plagerize instead!

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Wow. I don't know much about the American system, but I do know about the system north of the border...those Canadians. It's not perfect either however, it certainly is better for those of us touched by chronic or acute illness. Most meds are covered are subsidized therefore affordable...and you can have private insureance as well to cover most of your costs. For example, R's meds cost us about $150 per month, which we get %100 reimbursed through my husbands health plan. And if his doesage increases, the cost of the med does not. That blew my mind!
Hospital stays are basically free...parking is not. When R was hospitalized for a week of VEEG there was no bill waiting for us at the end of his stay.
Yes, wait times are high. Emergency wait times are ridiculous. It's taken 7 months to have an abdominal ultrasound for W...non emergency. It took 3 months to have R's MRI which was more urgent. Wait times are high. There are very few doctors here taking new patients.
You are in & out of the hospital within 24 hrs of having a healthy baby.
There is ALOT of day surgery.
I've seen 86 yr old women home with 24 hrs after a full mastectomy. Home health care is a must and encourgage/pushed bc it's cheaper than being in the hospital.
Our system is running at a deficit. Who's isn't? But no one sells their homes to afford care, no one moves in with their kids to afford care, etc, etc.
I don't know Danielle. Both system has their pros/cons. I am grateful to live in a country that has a national health care system & at this point in our lives would not give it up.