say a lil' sumthin'

This past month has brought a (mini) explosion in Trevy's speech! Receptive and expressive.

I'm blaming it on coming off the Zonisamide. And now that my heart is wrapped around releasing the Vigabatrin...I'm actually getting a little fluttery to see if that brings another developmental boost!

When I...

...point and say "No (touch...bite...throw...fill in the blank)!"

Trevy'll point & say "nuuuh nuuuuh"

...ask would you like to play?

Trevy (mostly) heads to the toy room

...ask would you like milk?

He signs (lopsided-ly adorable) milk

...ask would you like to eat?

He signs eat...and has recently added the "eeeee" sound for emphasis (he's a foodie)...and will even run to his highchair

...ask where's your coat?

Trevy bangs on the coat closet door

...say go outside?

He runs around like a caged maniac (it's been a looooong winter) and/or points out the window and makes the "sssss" sound

...sign & say wanna sing

Trevy will begin to sign & sing either (I think) "itsy bitsy" or "twinkle twinkle" (frankly...he could be singing "I'm too sexy" and I wouldn't know! But he's workin' something out! )

...ask where's your nose?

He points to his curly top. I'm thrilled that he's getting the general area! We've been working on body parts for almost a year. So this...to me...is a breakthrough!

...ask are you all done?

He attempts his version of the all done sign. And just today said "aaaaawww duuuuh"!!!!

...bring him downstairs in the morning or after a nap...and he sees the kids...

Trevy'll shout "hi hi hi!"

...enter the room with his meds in hand

He runs away protesting!

...say "kiss kiss"

He also runs away protesting!

I have spent a lot of days being sad this past year. Feeling hopeless. Mourning.

And I think that's okay. I don't regret those days. Those feelings are very real. Very tangible. To deny them seems false. And I've never been very good at living a lie. At being fake. And so for me...it's been healing. To cry. To mourn.

To let the sadness out...and without even realizing it...open up room in my heart for Hope.

And that's how I feel today. Full of Hope for Trevy. Hope that he's going to radically change our lives. That he is perfectly shaped for our family. So that we could be Shaped into who we're supposed to be.

But enough of the sap...Trevy's clamourin'. And I'm excited to see what he has to say!



Andi said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you!!!

It seems like I've spent more days mourning than having days filled with hope, but Trevy gives me hope. Maybe Emma can make it thru this better than what my imagination can come up with. Which is really the hard part. I let my brain get ahead of everything.

I can't wait to see what happens when he's off the Vig. It will be amazing!

~Mama Skates~ said...

whoo hoo! love the runnin' from the kisses! ;0)


KC's Mama said...

Well done Trevy, well done. Keep up the good work buddy : )


Shanna Grimes said...


These kids, I'm tellin' ya. You just can't keep 'em down :) They can move mountains. Little steps to giant leaps, I love it all. Progress is progress ;)

Dawson said...

That is just SOOOOOOO awesome and we couldnt be more proud to hear that he is doing so well. Isn't it just amazing what he is ovecoming?? Triumph on my friend Tervor!!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

That is so wonderful!!! It just proves that with all those tests and all those hours of worrying...that you never know what will happen.

Your feelings of sadness and hopelessness are so normal. It is part of the grieving process. We have all been there. It is good to be true to your self and your feelings.

I have been thinking about you. Whatever has happened...I know you are strong enough to get through it. You are an amazing person. But it breaks my heart to think of you all heartbroken. That Trevy...he sure is sweet for whatever reason he was wiping your face...he noticed. He noticed that something was out of the ordinary.

Abbe said...

this made my heart smile. :)

and you know i'll be praying with the rest of the fam as tom and joanne make their way back to the states.