It's our own dad-blame fault.

We're penny pinchers. I didn't used to be. Jonathan converted me over the past ten years.

Which is why we try to soak every single nickle outta every single diaper. Sometimes even waiting to change it until we notice seepage.


Mornings are the worst. It's the lazy-bum-penny-pincher combo.


I think I learned my lesson today though...

I'd heard Trevy grunting & groaning off in hiding somewhere. The hiding is good. It's one of those we may have potty training in our future ques.

I don't usually wait on the *poos* ...


he doesn't usually *poo* in the morning either.

So I waited a few minutes. Finished slurping my coffee. Packing lunches. Kissing good-byes. And then finally went to round Trev up for a diaper & clothing swap.

Lo & behold...what did I find????

But a little artist! Smeared in poo! And a little saturated until it split at the seams diaper around his ankles!


And a brand new carpet. Also smeared in poo! Jamies...smeared in poo. Little poo prints happily paddled around the entire house!

I'm guessing the next several hours spent in scourging stinky. Shampooing everything with a hint of cloth (which by the way - thank you Grams for the house warming shampoo-er!). Will totally teach me my lesson!

An extra penny spent on a new diaper...is time & energy saved in poo removal!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. Found Rebecca with poo in between her toes not too long ago. Because that's a good place to put it I guess. So I started teaching her about digestion...now she says "i eat and my belly takes good stuff out and then I poop" with the face all scrunched up. Toes have been poo-free since then.

labonte4 said...

Thank GOD for the steam cleaner!!!

Hollis T said...

Been there, done that, more times than I like to recall. Carpets are not your friend when you have a kid who fingerpaints with diaper contents. Especially embarassing when it occurs in house that is not yours (even if it is family). My sincere sympathies!

JSmith5780 said...


Shanna Grimes said...

OMG!!! I laughed so hard reading this!! We have SOOOOO been there. Javi didn't stop "poo painting" 'til he was 4! Thankfully Ethan wasn't so inclined, but have cleaned it off the carpets, furniture, bedding and clothing with all of them. Kaylee started taking off her diapers when they are dirty, so we have already begun the training process. We found a nice surprise yesterday when she got up from her nap on the carpet AND she had also peed in her crib on two spots. Thank goodness for plastic mattress covers!

The joys of parenting!!

Anonymous said...

There's this child development term that applies here: natural consequences. Your story is full of them, and you had to clean 'em up. Oh, my!

At least your child is exploring with his hands. Ahem. Can you find an opportunity to play with soft play-do? Or, some time in the high chair with some soft food - cool whip or jello, soft pasta without sauce. And contained finger painting.

The other comments give hope that this too shall pass. Barbara