team building

Part of the reason I was so excited to see a Developmental Pediatrician is because I deeply believe in building a team around Trevor.

A team of people (doctors...sitters...EI girls...therapists...yada yada) that see the potential inside him. And crave tapping into it like I do. That also see the broken-ness...and allow it to saturate their hearts. A team that believes alongside me that Trevor is more than meets the eye!

It's also the reason why I've blown through two regular Dr. Pedi-s this past year. I'm slowly growing comfortable with being the crazy mommy. The mommy not willing to settle for second best. Even if I have to blow through ten more! Although our new Dr. Pedi & I had a long pre-commitment consult. And I feel very comfortable with her. And I (hope) think she feels comfortable with me. Plus...she has experience with IS. Something that is not easy (but for me...important) to find.

Anyway...all that to say...

We met with Dr. Development yesterday. I had a different mental picture of what her role would be.

She basically exists to monitor Trevor's development on an annual basis. To offer recommendations. And assist specifically with transitioning into the school system.

I'm thrilled that we have her on our team. She took an extensive history. And preformed a very thorough exam.

She observed Trevy interacting with his sibs.

She first hand witnessed a mild cluster.

She put puzzles in front of him & watched his eyes light up with the desire to please. But his little fingers just not coordinated enough to make it work. And the frustration that led to puzzle pieces being chucked wildly across the room.

He signed "more" without prompting for her. The little show-off!

She placed a picture board on the table. It was separated into four boxes. Different pictures in each box.

A dog.

A house.

A ball.

A man.

She asked Trevy to point to the dog.

And he did! The stinker! I'd just told her that he NEVER points at specific things when asked. And then he goes and does!

Although I felt validated when she asked him to point to the ball. And he pointed to the dog again!


It was a long day. But I really feel well worth the time.

Her professional assessment lands Trevor in the 14month zone cognitively. His gross motor skills are advanced. His fine motor lagging closer to 10 months. He has (news to me) very low muscle tone in his upper body. Which is contributing to his delayed fine motor development.

Her professional recommendations are for me to be enrolled by EI in a Hanen Speech class. To increase Trevor's Speech Therapy to at least once a week. To enroll him in a gym class with the specific focus being to increase his upper body tone. And to follow up three months prior to his 3rd birthday so that she can fully assess him & equip me & help make Trevor's transition as seamless as possible.


JSmith5780 said...

Don't you love when the kid(s) show off on evaluation days?!?! Makes a liar out of mommy!

Though our visit to the dev ped last week was FULL of perseveration. For the entire 40 minutes he fixated on the fact that Annie and Clarabel were missing. Over and over and over. No matter how many times I told him Dr B didn't have Annie and Clarabel he insisted that since Thomas had a coupler then there MUST be an Annie and Clarabel!

Anyway, glad you have a new team member with Trevy's best interests at mind.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm glad you kept mentioning it...and that we finally got in to see her. I'm hoping it will help with transition...


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow, so many moves being made with trevy & his development - prayers going up constantly!!!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Wow! That's good news on so many levels.
Keep being the "crazy mommy" it's what gets our kids the best care & love!

Marissa said...

We're on for June with a developmental pediatrician. We'll see how it goes. Marissa is super-delayed.

labonte4 said...

Dr. LaBonte mentioned Hannen as well. That will be $500 please! *LOL* Actually may be one thing the State of RI does NOT waste money on. Hannen was one of the best things I did.

Shanna Grimes said...

Awesome that you are getting the help he needs. We have enjoyed our time in the Hanen class and surprise, surprise! It actually works. So when do you start PT/OT? Kay is the opposite. Isn't that weird? She's better with the fine than gross.