he mighta

We've had our times.

Ya know.

Like every good couple

But today????

I'm thinking that maybe...possibly...he mighta sorta...


::wink wink::

tried to KILL me!

It all started with the sweeter than normal...

"The ovens all clean for you, Babe"

as he headed out the door this morning for work.

I shoulda known.

I mean whose hubby of over 9 years is that sweet.

But clueless me instead set about making a super yummy dinner. In my super sparkly oven.

We were having Mex-alish. As Bristel would say. She makes up funny words all the time! Like the other day...she came up with "yester-night"! Cute...right?!

::chuckle & sigh::

She's SO funny! Gets that from me...


I had the pan in the oven ready to go. And as soon as he called to say he was headed home I flipped the switch to bake.

Approximately 10 minutes later is when I started to notice something strange. Smelly strange. So of course I went to check the Mex-alish dish.

That's weird...I thought as I spied the smoke slipping through the seam.

I popped the oven door open for a better look.

And the fumes about knocked me coughin' & gaggin' off my feet.

The fumes left by the oven cleaner. That he said he'd wiped clear! But quite obviously hadn't.

I called his cell to confront him on the matter.

At first he tried denyin'.

Until I read from the package...

where it states in plain English that one must RINSE thoroughly!

And that's when he came clean. Sorta.

He admitted that he'd DRY wiped the oven. There had been no rinsing of any kind.

And so you see, Officer...

That's why I'm sayin' I think that maybe...possibly...kinda sorta...


my hubby tried to kill me today!

You can get his side of the story when he gets here with the Chinese!

Oh...and you might wanna have a word with the Wii Fit Trainer dude. I think he might have it in for me too!


~Mama Skates~ said...

HIL-AR-IOUS!!! just like a man tho - if they even bother 2 read the directions, they still do what they think is the "right" way anyway! ;0)

blogzilly said...

Speaking for hapless husbands everywhere, at least the heart was in the right place. :)

Anonymous said...

very funny -- But not surprising. Not many even women will read the directions. Which btw did you pre heat your oven before putting in the casserole? Did you have pizza for dinner?

JSmith5780 said...

It's the THOUGHT that counts... right??

Adesta said...

lmao That's priceless D!!! But don't feel bad, my hubby did the same thing once....that's when I started letting the oven self clean! *grins*

Shanna Grimes said...

LOL, I've done that myself. Culinary suicide! We had to eat out that night to let the fumes disapate with all the windows open. Thankfully, it doesn't get that cold in California, but it was pretty cold when we returned and the smell took days to completely go away.