stressin' me out


Sometimes I wish drugs were as easy to come by here as they were in Tanzania. There you just walk into a Chemist...tell em' what you want. And bango. You leave with the stuff.

Here on the other hand...

I feel like I'm constantly banging my head against a wall. Made of pharmacist.

(every time you read the word pharmacist...appropriately colored Devil's red...please mentally add a dripping with sarcasm intonation for the full effect!)

Like the convo I just had regarding Trevor's Topomax. Much similar to previous convos I had regarding ACTH...Zonegran...Banzel...yada yada... I was really hoping to start tonight cause we're awfully low on Vigabatrin. But the pharmacist...all knowing that she is...won't fill the script without clarifying Dr. Neuro's orders.

Which are to split a 25 mg sprinkle capsule in half. For starters. And slowly titer up.

The pharmacist says it's impossible.

I'm like...

lady...when your kid's having 100s of seizures a day...you wouldn't believe what's possible!

She's like...

Well...I need to clarify with Dr. Neuro

Cause I'm an idiot. Right?!


And suddenly I'm fighting the urge (for the umpteenth time) to thaw that leftover vial of ACTH (that Dr. Neuro really needs to donate for me already before I cave) and go for a 3rd round instead!

I'll show you whats possible!

Pharmacist Sharm-a-fist!

I mean...can't just one stinkin' thing be easy?!?!?!

Is that too much to ask?!?!?!


~Mama Skates~ said...

no it's not too much 2 ask! & i can't imagine the force u want 2 send thru that phone & smack the pharmacist sharm-a-fist with!!! hope it gets easier babe!


KC's Mama said...

Ahh apparently way too much to ask! j/k Seriously, that stuff is so frustrating. It really is unsettling when you know more than the so called "professionals" that you are dealing with!

Good luck. It's bound to get better soon, right?



Shanna Grimes said...

Man, what a pain you have gone thru with getting drugs! WTH? Sorry you have had such a rough time with that. Wish there was something more I could do. It's definitely easier if you can arrange it to order it instead of doing it thru the pharmacy. They NEVER had it, so I always had to order it anyway and wait for a day or two. There was a couple times that I had to go get samples from the dr. because they couldn't get it in time b4 she ran out.