all snuggled in my lap

Trevy finds such comfort there. Snuggled up in my lap.

It's kind of our thing.

Whenever he's feeling insecure. I know by the plopping in my lap. Sometimes he'll even take my arms and wrap them tightly around his tummy. Like a seat belt made of mommy.

Whenever he's about to start clustering. I mostly know. By his body language. And I'll position myself so that he can melt himself into his safe zone. My lap.

Whenever he's tired. He searches out my lap.

Even when he's happy. But needs some snuggles. Into my lap he'll plop. Which explains the coffee stains on the couch.

But he mostly likes lap snuggles when he's clustering...or insecure.

The thing he doesn't know. Is it's not just comforting to him...

And today...I've needed our lap snuggles. Just the two of us. Where we don't need words. Cause snuggles say it all....


blogzilly said...

Like a seat belt made of mommy.

Perhaps the single greatest sentence ever written.

Marcia Kirchhofer said...

Hello there! Vigabatrin is the next one on the list (and final) after the Rufinimide. I am not too hopeful about either one, to be honest. We have to do something though. Maybe that with the VNS will be some reduction in seizures. We can hope and pray!!!

I hope your week is settling down now. It sounds like it was a doozy! We have a weekend filled with baseball tournaments and BMX races! And it is HOT outside, with no shade at the baseball fields. It gets so hot for Blitzen. I took off his vest today so he wasn't quite so hot. He drinks as much water as the kids!! Oh, he is part australian shepherd and border collie. A great breed! So smart, very loving and sensitive. He wants to please all the time.
Good to chat! Hope you have a great weekend...

Colby said...

Trevy sounds so much like Colby...We lay on the floor together every night before bedtime and he likes to position himself JUST right and lay that heavy head of his on my tummy ('cause it is SO mushy and comfy!)...I think they NEED that contact more than most kids....That stimulation.....Just wait 'til Trevy weighs > 100 lbs. like Colby!!!

You have written very beautiful words once again....You should be getting paid!!!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

This post reminds me so much of our lives. I can't tell how many times in a day that Sophie and I cuddle up on the couch for so many different reasons. It is just a safe zone. That is until Elsa catches a glimpse and wants in on the action ;)