it's a swirly kinda day

My mind has just been a swirl-y whirl-y mess lately.

Of course the whole Dr. Detroit thing has me loopy. Which...by the way...I heard from his nurse the other day. If I haven't taken a call from them by the 22nd of this month I should send an email reminder. So happens it's a month of conferences...and vacations. Just my luck...

But I have other stuff swirling too. Which is probably why I was susceptible to heart pricking's. Now I'm not ordinarily a quote-y kinda girl. I think people try altogether WAY too hard to be profound. And it's annoying. Which is why I no longer tune into Oprah. I've grown into more of an Ellen girl. But then ...Jonathan reminds me often I'm easy to annoy.


I intended this post short & sweet. If I don't edit it down...sorry...it's a swirl-ish thing.

So the other day...I had a doctor's appointment. Unusual only in that it was for me! Not one of the three. It was a "well" visit too!

Which reminds me...I was standing at the counter...right. And a mom with a little guy in tow passed by the desk. Our eyes met. And we both tossed half smiles at each other. And then she...feeling extra generous...offered...

"Hope...you feel better soon..."

My gut response was laugh...then cry. After the door closed behind her...of course. Did I mention I was there for a WELL visit! I had even slapped on a little rogue & lip gloss too!


Anyway...while I waited for Dr. Well-Visit I flipped through O (gasp...I know! It was that or PEOPLE...what was I to do?) magazine. The self-help section always draws me. I'm sure there's something to analyze here. One response seemed to jump right off the page and burrow it's way into the depths of my feeling-center.

"I believe that expectations are nothing more than...

PREMEDITATED resentment"


And thanks Opp-ie...now that's swirlin' around with brain surgery. And all the expectations that (I used to be comfortable with) tagging along when one has been gifted a UNIQUE child.

Again. OUCH!

A little later I passed a car with another little quote bumper-ed on the back. That has since swirled with me.

"Speak your mind - even if your voice shakes!"

Hmmmmmm...more food for thought. Not that I have room for anything else...mind you...

And...since I don't like to swirl alone. I thought I'd throw them (along with...evidently a bunch of other random thoughts) out there. For the great big cyber world.

And as always...I'd love to hear (via comments OR emails) if they struck your swirly spot too. And how...

Okay then...now I'm off to shower...and slap on (extra...just in case) blush & lip gloss. Lots of running around to do today! Don't wanna scare the masses...

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Margo said...

lol...swirly? Lately, I've been more of the whirling dirvish.
Loved the bumper sticker quote....that's perfect for me & all this advocating, protecting, etc.
My sister recently told me I need to relax & not stress out...this in regards to all the ADHD stuff. I wish. I wish, wish, wish that I could.
I think maybe the general public here is more scared when I've made an effort with make up because it's become so rare...they think something is REALLY wrong & I'm trying to cover it up!:)
Hugs to you,