saved his life

So this is yesterday's news to all my facebook-y friends.

But when something blog-alicious happens...somehow facebooking only satisfies for so long. Maybe it's just me though?


I was busy bee-ing. Scouring the house for the family visit this week. I have a tendency to zone. I used to be able to multi-task. Not so much any more. Anyway...I had just run back downstairs with Trevy. Fresh from his afternoon nap. And set about color coding the coats in the closet.

I know...I have issues...

Such as...I can only go five minutes max before checking my email. Which is why I stopped on red and bounced to the computer. I was engrossed in a message just in from a friend I haven't spoken to in ages. Her youngest son has been having seizures. Which is probably why I was so glued...

When suddenly Bristel yells...

Mommy...the baby gate to the kitchen is down!

And in that moment my mommy instinct went hay-wire. My thoughts were all nano-second mental pictures. Mostly of Trevor in some dangerous or mangled state. As I'm realizing that he has been awfully quiet. Kicking myself for not noticing. And doubly kicking myself for forgetting to put up the freakin' gate! And how Bristel had been leaving the door to the basement...which is off the kitchen...wide open. Trevy doesn't do stairs! Unless tumbling down them counts?

And worst of all...how our back screen door...also accessible from the kitchen...doesn't latch...

And our yard ISN'T FENCED!

To the right is super busy Main Road. To the left a gi-normous hill that leads straight into the ocean!

And even though Trevy's 2 And even though his gross motor skills are (too stinkin') excellent. His little brain is still such a baby. A sweet. Innocent. Curious. Tumble bumbling. Baby. And his safety awareness radar is non-functioning altogether!

Toby & my eyes met. I wonder who's looked wilder? And we both jetted in different directions.

Me towards anything dangerous in the house he could have gotten into. Because I had visions of him chowing the powdered bleach like ice cream!

Toby booked it outside. Where he shortly shouted my name. In way which made it really hard for me to know if the news was good or bad.

I ran outside. Nothin'. They were nowhere to be found.

So I darted back inside. The whole while shouting for Toby who wasn't answering.

We both rounded the corner at the same time.

Me breathless and manic.

Toby breathless and holding Trevy! A grinning from ear to ear. Muddy. Trevy!

"I found him playing in the mud, mom" Toby breathed out matter of factly.

I sagged against the closest wall and couldn't stop saying Oh My God...Oh My God...Oh My God!

Trevy just kept grinning. Bristel started giggling because I guess Mommy Freakouts are kinda funny when you're four.

"Well..." said Toby as he plopped Trevy to the floor.

"I guess I just saved his life!"


JSmith5780 said...

I bet you'll never forget the gate again... and I bet Toby won't let you forget!

These kids like to test our hearts don't they?!?

Glad all is well.

P.S. No muddy baby picture? I know, I know, you were more concerned with breathing at the moment! ;)

Holli said...

Your Toby is such a sweet lil guy. From reading all the past posts about him...what an awesome big bro!!

Glad lil Trevy didn't get too terribly far...and that your sanity is still intact!!

Adesta said...

Thank God for mud!!! Never thought I'd say that, but wow. I'm sure you thought the same thing. I don't think a parent ever wants to 'let' their child play in mud, but I'm so thankful this time that mud seems to attract ALL kids!!!

And Thank God for Toby! He is such a great big brother and a wonderful helper to mom!! I had to laugh at the saved his life comment though.....too funny!

And like Jen, I was hoping for a picture! :D

~Mama Skates~ said...

Toby's pretty great! ;0)

Colby said...

Whew!!!! GO TOBY!!!

Now....about this "color-coding" the coats....Come on now...Must you put the rest of us to shame???


Anonymous said...

You sure know how to tell a story, Girl! I might be too old to read anymore like that! Go easy on us old folks, okay?

And for Toby, cyber pat on the shoulder. Well done!

Melanie said...

Holy crow! And how are you and Toby recovering from your heart attacks?!?!

Together We Save said...

Wow - bet you had a heart attack. Glad everyone is ok. Mommy moments are so scary some times.

Shanna Grimes said...

Wow! Can't tell you how many of those freak outs we have had, and I consider myself pretty careful. But a sometimes escaping/wandering son and very crafty, curious little girl who gets in to EVERYTHING, we have had our fair share. We have security layers in our house now, like a bank. I definitely recommend the layers. It saves you if you forget, the older kids remove, etc.

Take some cleansing breaths, hun!